Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sunday Stamping Challenge

Good morning beauties! Just a quick post to share a mani I did for the Sunday Stamping Challenge. The theme was black and white and I used my new Cheeky XL Image Plate C. The image plate looks similar to the ones sold by Mango Nails and Chez Delaney but they don't appear to be grooved as deeply. When I scraped the plate there was a lot of nail polish left behind, but when I scraped twice I couldn't get a good stamp (see ring and pinky nail). The bundle is a great deal but I don't believe the images are as precise as Mango Nails. I guess with practice you could make them work.

For stamping I used Color Club's Where's the Soiree, my favorite black for stamping, over Nicole by OPI's Lights, Kim-era, Action!

That's all for today. I'll announce the Nail Art Contest Winners very soon. Until then, Happy Polishing!


  1. Very pretty! Looks good, I can't even tell where the stamp didn't stamp on your nail.

  2. Oh I love this!! Very lovely! :D

  3. I think this looks fantastic! I have these plates and didn't even notice this image lol!

  4. I like this mani so much :) Simple and delicate :)

  5. Awe! very delicate stamping design! So perfect work! Love it!



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