Friday, September 26, 2014

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Review - Purplexed 6 Day Results!

Hey beauties! I wanted to share the results of my Sally Hansen Miracle Gel nails with you. The color I choose is #570 Purplexed from the Fired Up Metallics line. It's a gorgeous deep purple with a hint of shimmer. I applied 2 coats, without a base coat, and 1 coat of Miracle Gel Topcoat.

The polish dried within 1 hour. I was concerned I would nick it on something, but it dried without dents.  The shine of the topcoat did dull somewhat once completely dry. I was tempted to reapply the topcoat throughout the week, to enhance shine, but I wanted to use it as recommended.

Here are the results after 6 days of wear.  My pointer finger nail was already broken, so the polish chipped off more dramatically on that nail.  The other nails of more reflective of how the polish wears over time.  

I must admit it was nice to have my nails done throughout the week without having to worry about polishing them. The results were good.  I had minimal tip wear and the manicure could have lasted longer if my pointer nail wasn't broken.  

The results are not as shiny as UV gel nails, but the system does create a long lasting manicure without the need to re-polish.  I think the results would be even better with a lighter color, so that tip wear is not as obvious.

The Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polishes are available at retailers that carry Sally Hansen. The price in my area is $9.99 per polish, but the set that contains color + top coat ranges from $14.99 to $16.99.

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NYC Crystal Coutoure Fashion Queen Collection

Hey Beauties! Today I have a few of the NYC Crystal Couture Collection to share with You.  The collection consists of 6 shimmering shades that can be worn alone or as top coats.  I have 3 of the six shades. 

From left to right: Queen's Jewels, NY Princess and Rule the City.

Queen's Jewels - Green base with bright green microglitter. I used 2 coats over white.
Rule the City - Grey base with silver and red microglitter. I used 1 coat over grey.
NY Princess - Dark purple base with medium light purple hex glitter and blue microglitter. I used 1 coat over dark purple.

All of the polishes have a medium consistency but went on thick enough to stand as a polish alone instead of a top coat.  NY Princess (purple) was the thickest of the three and my favorite from the set. I think these will be great for the Fall and the green reminds me of the Christmas season.  One of the best things about these polishes is the price point, at $1.99 it's easier to afford more.

I don't have a release date for the collection but they will be available at drug store chains that carry NYC.  Hopefully they will appear in your area soon!

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Wet N Wild All Access Beauty Matte Megalast Swatches and Review

Hey everyone! I stumbled upon the new Wet N' Wild megalast Matte Collection. I grabbed all 6 along with 3 of the matte lipsticks.

I swatched on individual fingers due to the drying time of the polish, which took about an hour to dry. They were dry to the touch after about 30 minutes but I could still make impressions when I pushed down on them. From left to right: Echo Dark, So Berry On Trend, Rouge 66 and LAC-My Mani?

I applied 1 coat of Wet N Wild clear to create a glossy look.  

Here are the grey and purple mattes. From left to right:  LAC-My Mani?, Distressed to Impress, Careful It's Vintage and LAC-My Mani?.

Here they are glossy. 

I found 3 of the lippies. The sales associate actually had them behind the counter because she didn't have a spot for them.

From left to right: Bordeaux Boulevard, Sunset Siren and Sweet Cream.

 I really like this collection, especially since it's soooo inexpensive.  The polishes all applied in 3 coats, except the red and brown, where I used 3 coats just to be sure. It's matte polish, so expect a few chips here and there.  The chips may possibly be reduced by sandwiching a top coat between the layers.  I didn't use a top or base coat (for the completely matte look) and I could see my ridges, this may also be reduced by sandwiching. The only other negative I can think of is the brush, which is large and difficult to work with. 

I really like the lippies as well but they are a little drying.  To combat this I used chapstick underneath and it wears for 5 hours with no problem. The colors are very matte, except the purple had a hint of shine to it.  

Overall I can't complain for the price. The polishes and lippies were $2 each!  #WINNING

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Upcoming OPI Collections for Fall 2014: Peanuts Halloween, Pink of Hearts and Designer Series - Swatches and Review

Hey beauties! Here are swatches of the upcoming OPI Collections for Fall 2014.

The Pink of Hearts Set contiains a nail file with charm, Mod About You and The Power of Pink. 

Mod about You - a bright light pink creme originally released with OPI Brights. Very cute pink that went on opaque in 2 coats. 
The Power of Pink - limited edtion. Sports a creamy gelly base with medium red/fuchsia and white hex glitter and matching microglitter.

The Peanuts Collection was created for Halloween 2014. There are 4 shades:

Who Are You Calling Bossy?!? - black creme, very shiny like a gelly without the thinness. Opaque in 2 coats.

Good Grief! - canary yellow creme. The formula has a medium thickness but still required 3 coats.

Where's My Blanket? - glitter mix in a clear base.  Sports orange, lime yellow, black medium hex glitter along with black microglitter. 

To Be or Not to Beagle - also a glitter mix in a clear base. Interesting combination of glitters that play well together. Sports red, medium blue, light blue, orange, yellow and black medium hex glitter along with black micro glitter for good measure. I'm in love!

The Designer Series polishes released are DS Titanium and DS Tourmaline.

DS Titanium - my absolute favorite out of all 3 collections. Has a titanium silver base and a holographic silver finish.  The glitter mix has medium blue, green and orange glitter combined with holographic microglitter. There may be other colors that come together to create this beautiful finish. Another stunning 2 coater.

DS tourmaline - for the pink lover in you. Tourmaline has a gelly pink base, but not to thin because it required two coats. It also contains a glitter and holographic mix that is difficult to see on the nail but flashes a slight holographic gold hue. 

My favorites from the collections are: The Power of Pink, To Be or Not to Beagle and DS Titanium!!!  I'm not sure when the collections will hit stores but they should be coming out soon. 

Thanks for stopping by! 

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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Barielle Swatches

Hey lovelies! Today I have a few Barielle swatches to share with you. I wanted to try a few colors that would be great for the Fall since the colder months are right around the corner. So I chose a blue, red, neutral and pink, because I wear pink year round!

Berry Blue
Gorgeous 2 coater blue creme. I've been loving blues a lot lately. The formula was a little on the thin side but not watery. Just thin enough to give it a slight jelly finish. It applied smoothly in 2 coats.  

Fifth Avenue Boutique
Pretty in pink almost neon cream. I was surprised at the brightness of the formula but it's a great transition color into the Fall.  Also a 2 coater. 

Dancing Till Dawn
Vampy true blood creme. Perfect for Halloween season. The formula was similar to Berry Blue where it's a creme, but thinned out to provide more gloss. Very pretty and also a 2 coater. I see now in pictures, I could have used 3.

No Not Now
Grey-ish pink neutral with a slight hint of shimmer not visible on the nail. A true where anywhere color.  I think this is one of the better neutrals for my skin tone.  Also a 2 coater. 

  The formula on the cremes I choose were a little thinner than I expected, but that allows the finish to be more jelly-like and provide a higher gloss. Application was smooth with no lumps or clumps. And I was able to get away with 2 coats on most of them (after taking a picture I noticed Dancing Till Dawn could have used a 3rd coat).  This is my first time trying Barielle, outside of their glitter polishes, and overall I really like them. 

 Barielle polishes can be purchased at They also have a feature that allows you to try on their polish according to your skin tone.  

That completes my swatches. I hope you guys enjoyed!

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel - Press Release

The technology behind Miracle Gels.


THINKThe fusion of color and science

WHAT IT IS: The first salon-quality manicure that combines pure nail color with high techno gel...exclusively from Sally Hansen. Love the high shine, glossy look of a gel manicure but could do without the complexity of LED lights, time consuming removal, and expensive price tag? Now, Sally Hansen, the leader in nail color innovation, is making manicure history with an entirely new way of thinking about long lasting nail color. Its new, patented Miracle Gel, is the first ever part lacquer, part gel manicure system that delivers up to 14 days of lasting color and shine in just 2 easy steps. Simply apply two coats of the Miracle Gel Color Coat, followed by the Miracle Gel Top Coat, to achieve the most convenient manicure, ever.

THE TECHNOLOGY: The Miracle Gel manicure contains patented Tube Technology. This allows a higher level of actives and continuous care ingredients to release into the gel lacquer film, prolonging the integrity of the filmresulting in beautifully durable, shiny nails. The advanced Color Coat, which is a combination base coat and nail color in one, and Top Coat formulas contain an oligomer, and the Top Coat also contains a photoinitiator. The photoinitiator in the Top Coat formula reticulates with the oligomer contained in the Color Coat, thus curing the formula without the need of an LED/UV light. As the manicure cures over time, it becomes more durable due to the increased hardness of the film. So LED/UV lamp curing is not necessary, only natural light. Then, when you’re ready to change up your look, Miracle Gel comes off easily with both acetone-based and acetone-free nail polish remover – no soaking, wrapping, scraping, or filing necessary.

THE COLORS: Available in 47 new and of-the-moment shades, cutting-edge Miracle Gel gives you a whole new way to think about color. Today’s color trends don’t follow rules, they make their own. Day or night, summer or winter, the hottest nail looks defy boundaries and capture timeless beauty with a playful, joyful confidence. So go ahead and embrace the pleasure of Miracle Gel’s color palette that complements all skin tones with fresh color categories.

Flawlessly NudeFive clean and natural skin tone colors elongate nails for a polished, minimal look. 
Love Pink: Seven pinks create the ultimate chic and confident nail statement.
Street PastelsMuted meets edgy with this sweet, feminine collection of seven perfectly washed out pastels.
Runway ShockSeven punchy, outrageously playful brights turn up the glam for a pop of intense, bold color.
Daily DelightsSeven yummy feminine colors that create a soft and creamy effect.
Mad ModSeven retro inspired shades to bring out your ultra-confident, graphic ’70s side.
Fired Up Metallics:Seven super saturated multi-colored hues create an intensely reflective collection bursting with fiery bright shimmer.

WHAT THEY COST: Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Color Coat and Top Coat, $9.99 MSRP

WHERE TO FIND THEM: The Sally Hansen Miracle Gel collection is available nationwide August 2014 at chain drugstores and mass retailers nationwide 

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