Friday, November 26, 2010

OPI Merry Midnight

Good morning! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Mine was really busy because I cooked for my household and my sister's party. My poor nails took a beatdown and I went all day without polish. Can you believe it? I don't like to wear it while cooking large meals because it tends to chip off. So now I have 2 large breaks (sigh).

Here's the mani I did last week using OPI Merry Midnight. It's from the Holiday 2009 collection and thanks to Mistress Zombie I was able to get my hands on it for a reasonable price. It's a purple base with pink/red flakies and purple glitter. I also got Holiday Glow which I love. Or at least I love the photos I've seen of it so far.

I like it even more with animal print on top. I stamped using Sally Hansen Insta-Dri "Fast-Lane Fuschia". It's very subtle so you may be able to get away with it as an everyday look.

That's all for today. Thanks for stopping by!!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Are you Jolly Holly this Season?

This is my favorite time of the year. I know it’s too early to think about Christmas, but for the last two years I was really stressed around the Holidays and couldn’t fully enjoy them, so I’m really taking advantage of them this year. I want to put up the Christmas tree up but DH thinks it’s too early. The weirdest thing is that I’m always short on decorations every year. Last year I was missing ornaments and Christmas balls. The year before I lost lights. I wonder what it will be this year???

Here is one of the China Glaze Holiday 2010 polishes I have. I’m not a big fan of green but Jolly Holly got great reviews and came free in a 3-pack, so I figured it was worth a shot. I’m glad I tried it because it’s a really beautiful dark green. Of course I couldn’t let it stay by its lonesome so I brought the Party Hearty to my nails. This just may be the mani I wear on Christmas. China Glaze really captured the Holiday Spirit with this one!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ruby Red Slippers Franken

I wanted to share my attempt at creating a franken of Deborah Lippmann's Ruby Red Slippers. I already tried Prancer over black and it was beautiful, but I also love the glitter floating in jelly effect of the Lippmann.

Here's the finished product. I used 1/2 bottle of Wet n' Wild Prancer and 3 drops of Wet n' Wild Black Creme. Super easy! I don't own RRS so I can't make a comparison but I think it's pretty close.

Excuse the car pic. I had class ALL day today and it gets dark at 4:30 now, so that leaves a very short window to take a decent pic. This was on my way to school, lol.

My first attempt is on the left and the second attempt on the right. The first one was too dark. I think it came out pretty good, but there was only enough for one mani!

So what do you think? Did I capture the essence of Ruby Red Slippers?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Blue Zebra

Hello all! Just a quick post to share my NOTD. I have a presentation due tomorrow :(

But the great news is that I'm on break next week!!! Yay!!!! And I have a lot of Holiday mani's planned to do. Hope you're having a great day!

Products used: Finger paints Blissfully Blue & Color Club Snowflakes.

Zoya Sale!!!

Just a quick post to tell you about today's Zoya sale. They are offering 6 free polishes with the purchase of the Color Lock System Kit or 2 free polishes with the purchase of a mini kit!!! Not bad at all. I'm supposed to be on a low buy but I'm contemplating getting the mini kit. I have anchor and armor now but I have the hardest time getting Zoya's to dry.

Here are the details. The sale ends tomorrow!

Purchase a full size Zoya Color Lock System Kit (ZTCLS02 - $48.00)
and Receive Any Six (6) Bottles of Zoya Nail Polish for FREE
- and/or -
Purchase a Zoya Mini Color Lock System (ZTHOL1001 - $20.00)
and get Any Two (2) FREE bottle of Zoya Nail Polish*.

* Only at Continental US only.
Offer not valid in conjunction with other promotions, discounts or offers.
While supplies last. Offer ends Wednesday, November 17, 2010 11:59 PM EST .

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Review of Chez Delaney Big Image Plate

As promised, here are the mani's I made using the Chez-Delaney big image plate. I know its the Fall season but I'm just not ready for dark mani's yet. I really do prefer brighter colors :)

Products used: Sally Hansen Golden Cinnabar, stamped with Konad Wine Red.

And here's the second mani. I always wanted to try out the cow design. What do you think?

Products used: Color Club "Where's the Soiree", Konad Wine Red, WnW White (base).
Quick Review: I hope Chez-Delaney doesn't mind that I give a quick review. I won this product in a contest and it was provided to me for free. But I've had a lot of questions about it so here goes.

Dimensions & Design: The plate is approximately 10x12 inches and the metal is similar to other stamping plates. It is attached to a black plastic holder and has images similar to Konad images M44-M81 and S06 (minus M46 & M47).

How does it stamp? The stamping is similar to Konad & other stamping systems. I was being very gentle at first because I didn't want to ruin my design or the image plate. I used on old credit card as I do with my other image plates to avoid scratches. I was able to use the same stamping polishes and the pick-up was the same. The plate is obviously larger than other image plates, so it was great to see all of the images at once.

Overall: It's great for organization because you have one big plate instead of all the individual plates. I liked being able to view all of the images at once. This provided a lot of options which is great if you're a visual person. Or maybe not so great if you're indecisive like me :) The only change I would make is to make the plate a little sturdier. It had a slight flexibility which I did not expect. Overall I think it's a great buy for 56 euros, compared to purchasing all of the plates individually.

Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Blog Awards + My Mega Image Plate is Here!!!

I received an award from Ashley at Polish & Konad She has some awesome konadicures and beautiful swatches at her site!!! Thanks for the award Ashley :)

1. Thank and link back to the giver of the award. THANK YOU
2. Sum up your blogging philosophy, motivation and experience using 5 words.
Something amazing happens every day!
3. Pass it on to other bloggers that you feel have substance in their blogs. There are so many great blogs out there. Here are a few that I love to read in no particular order.

I also received an award from Konad Addict. She also has great konadicures and the cutest freehand designs!!! Thank you for this lovely award!!!!

The rules are to pass this along to 15 bloggers. Here are a few blogs I love, in no particular order!

Guess what else? My Chez-Delaney image plate came and I'm SUPER excited!!! My daughter was ill at school yesterday and I left to go pick her up. When I returned it was waiting for me at my door step. I love it when I get surprises. I guess it was not really a surprise because I was expecting it, but it came when I didn't expect it. Does that make since? LOL

Anyways, I'm totally in love with this plate and I had so much fun stamping away yesterday. When DH came home, he smiled because he knew how much this would make me happy. I tried out a few of the images yesterday and they all worked great! I'll post pictures later because I have a paper to do over the weekend. I'm trying to force myself to be disciplined and work on it while my daughter is asleep and hopefully that way I'll be more productive. I'll try to get the stamping photos up later tonight or tomorrow.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Color Club Revvvolution Swatch!

One word to describe this is AMAZING! I can't believe I waited so long to buy this beauty. I hear there are two versions, one with less holo effect. Looks like I got the good one! Do you agree? This is the perfect fall shade.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Wet N Wild Prancer

Eeeek! First my computer got a virus and now my little girl :(

The good news is that I had a few minutes to paint my nails. I've been looking for Wet N' Wild Prancer and the SA was nice enough to pull it out of her shipment yesterday!!! Woot! This is the prettiest glitter. I don't own RRS but I've been told it's pretty close. This is one coat of Prancer over one coat of WnW Black Creme.

In case you're looking for the bottle it's about half the size of the other WnW Megalast polishes, comes in a two pack, and only $1.99 at Walgreens. What a deal! The gold glitter below is also from the WnW Holiday collection and is called Comet. I'm supposed to be on a no/low buy but I couldn't pass these up. I also got a few of the China Glaze & OPI Holiday collections. I'll post pics of them soon.

I also received my winnings from Oje Delisi's giveaway and the polishes are so beautiful. Everything was very nicely wrapped and she included a thoughtful card. I will be wearing these beauties throughout the year. Thanks Oje Delisi :)

I have a few blog awards to post but everything is so slow on my computer right now. I promise I'll get them up soon ladies. Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Thank You and Blog Award!!!!

Hi ladies!!! I wanted to make a post to THANK YOU all for your support, sweet comments on my blog and voting for me last week. On Monday I found out I won Chez-Delaney's Halloween contest and I'm ecstatic to say the least. I still can't believe I won and I'm so happy and greatful everyone took the time out on the Holiday to vote for me. I know to some it's just an image plate but for me it's one of the best gifts I could receive. I feel honored to have been recognized by you all, new and experienced nail polish connoisseurs. Thanks again for your acknowledgment and support!!!

I also received a blog award from LOUCAS por KONAD. Isn't it adorable! Thanks for the tag!!!

And here's a sweet mani to match my sweet award.
Polish - StudioM "Punked"That's all for today! Thanks for stopping by :)


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