Sunday, May 21, 2017

Urban Decay Naked Skin Shape Shifter - Medium Dark Shift

I have the Sephora app and they alerted me of the new product of the week!  The Urban Decay Naked Skin Shapeshifter, which is a 3-in-1 palette that allows you to contour, color correct and highlight. 

At first I was mostly drawn to the packaging, a double-sided, double mirror bi-fold (or is it tri-fold?) case. The 2 mirrors add weight so it is a little on the heavy side for a palette. 

There are 2 color options based upon your foundation shade.  Light Medium Shift for shades 0.5 to 7.0, and Medium Dark Shift for shades 6.0 to 12.  I selected Medium Dark Shift because I wear 7.5 in their foundation.

Medium Dark Shift - powder side
left to right: dark contour, medium contour, light contour, pearl highlighter
Can we talk about the pearl highlighter for a second?  Gorgeous!!! I was not expecting the bling from this innocent looking pink.  I'm wearing it in the photo below.

bling bling!

Swatches of the powders: They are extremely pigmented.  I wore the medium contour and it's dark against my skin. I'll probably use dark contour during the summer months.  The last shade is the pearl highlighter blended out.

The cream side
left to right: dark contour, light contour, color corrector, color corrector/highlighter and pearl highlighter.

I found this to be the most difficult side to work with. I have dark circles so I'm always trying out new concealers and color correctors. I found these to be just "okay". The orange was too dark for my skin, and the lighter shades couldn't cover my circles completely. I'm going to keep playing with it to see if I can master these creams. It usually takes me a few attempts to master new makeup.

Swatches of the creams.  They are very pigmented as well I just haven't found the right combination for my skin just yet. 

Overall I found the creams are just okay. While they are well pigmented, I couldn't make them work on my skin.  I really like the powder side. I'm absolutely in love with the powder pearl highlighter. I don't have anything like it and it gives the most incredible glow! That makes this palette a yes for me.  I'm not sure if the palette is worth it for the highlighter alone.  It doesn't really have a name so I don't know if Urban Decay has produced it before.  They are coming out with a After Glow Palette.  Maybe it will have a similar effect for a cheaper price tag. 

The Shapeshifter retails for $45 at vendors that carry Urban Decay. 


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