Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hello Kitty Fimo Slices

I had no idea they made Hello Kitty Fimo slices! I'm so thankful they were gifted to me by another nail fanatic!!!! Thanks Sweetie!

American Apparel - Downtown LA
Konad - White Special Polish and image plate M79

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sweet Friends Tag and a Sweet & Simple Mani

Happy Thursday! I hope everyone is doing well. I feel much better today, as if this is the last day of my cold. Or at least I'm hoping so. I know a cold is no big deal but everything seems elevated when your sick.

Last week I was tagged by Freshie and yesterday I was tagged by Emy with the 10 Things You Like Tag. Thanks for the tag ladies.

I also thought it would be fun to do a mani in similar colors as the tag. I know I'm a big cornball, lol. Anyways, here are a few of my favorite things.....................

The Rules: 1. Post who gave you this award
2. State 10 things you like 3. Give this award to 10 other bloggers and notify them with a comment

10 Things I Like/Love:
1. Dear Hubby
2. My lovely daughters
3. The wind blowing in my face on a warm summer night
4. Dancing
5. Music
6. Pizza
7. Nail polish (of course)
8. Reality TV
9. Jogging
10. Relaxing

Bloggers I'm Tagging
Imperfectly Painted
The Perfect Accessory
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A Country Girl Blogs
Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes
Candy Coated Tips
Katrina's Nail Blog
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Polish: Loreal Mango Get Em
Konad: Special polish in white and M56 plate
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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Golden Spectrum Forever

Happy Humpday! I survived my first exam and couldn't wait to focus on my nails. The bad news is, now I have cold :(

I'm not sure what it is but I always get sick around exam time. Maybe I'm just stressing out and not getting enough rest. Or maybe I caught a bug from my daughter. She started school also and came home sick.

So anyways, doing my nails is the only thing that would make me feel better. Today I'm sharing the blingest foil ever, lol. Gold Spectrum from dollar nail art. I wasn't sure how this would turn out, but it's not too shabby................. Ooooooooh wee, they sure are attention-getters. Just like holographic polishes its brighter in the sunlight and fluorescent light, so they really stood out in class. One of my male classmates even commented on them.

(indirect sunlight)
(sunlight! can you say bling-bling!!!)
I hope you all are having a wonderful week. It's 8:30 here and I'm about to lay it down. Until I polish again!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Essence Undead

Hello, Hello!!! Just wanted to say hi and tell you all that I have been SUPER busy this week getting ready for my first test of the year. I apologize for my lack of posts and hope to have a lot more next week :)

My NOTD is UNDEAD from the Essence Twilight Collection. It's not dead at all. Its dark, yet energetic with fuschia glitter dancing on my nails.

I also forgot to share my right hand from PHD's tips challenge last week. I tend to mix it up a bit. I used the same foil & striping. This is the longest I've ever worn foil and it held up well. The pic is from day 5.

I hope everyone is well and I will be posting more next week after my dreaded exam. Have a great weekened and if you haven't already please enter my giveaway (click here :)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

PHD Tips Challenge

Who says short nails can't have any fun? Check out my funky french on my new shorties. They were created for PHD's nail "tips" challenge. If you haven't already check out the other hot designs here.

As you can see I barely have any nails tips. But with tape and foil I was able to create some =)

Of course I still love long nails. Here's a throwback from July using the same foil (Roman Marble from Dollar Nail Art).
That's all I for today! Have a great Monday and thanks for stopping by!!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

400 Followers Giveaway!!! - (Now Closed)

I can't believe I've reached 400 followers!!!! And I'd like to say THANKS to each and everyone of you!!!! As a small token of my appreciation I'm having a short and sweet giveaway.

There will be 2 chances to enter and the rules are super easy.

How to Enter:
1 entry - be a follower and comment below. (Leaving your email address is optional but you must contact me within 48 hours after the winners are announced)
1 entry - (optional), put me on your blogroll or blog about this giveaway
Please combine your entries in one post (just to make it easy for me :)

That's it! The giveaway ends Thursday, September 9th at 8pm US Central Time. This is open internationally. Winner(s) must contact me via email within 48 hours after winners are announced. If not contacted I will choose another winner. I will use Random.Org to select winners 1-3.

Winner 1 will receive:
Massini/Studio M - Slammin' Red
Massini/Studio M - Purple Medallion
Massini/Studio M - Neon Pink
Massini/Studio M - Neon Greenlight
Massini/Studio M - Orange Hot
Massini/Studio M - Thunderbolt
Poshe Topcoat
OPI - Pink Me I'm Good
Ed Hardy nail tattoos
Sally Hansen - Going Green

Winner 2 will receive:
OPI - Pink Me I'm Good
Finger Paints - Wicked Glitter
Essence - Pool party, VIP Appeal, Check Me Out, Break through and Sun Dancer

Winner 3 will receive:
6 nail foils: Opal Swirl, Rainbow drops, African jade, Peacock dazzle, Gold starburst and Lime
1 nail foil glue.

Have a great day! Thanks for stopping by!!!

This giveaway is now closed. I'll announce the winners soon. Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Purple Passion and a Broken Nail

Hi Ladies. This is a really quick post to let you guys know that I'm still alive and that I broke another nail :(

Haha, the nail Goddesses must want me to focus on my studies. Yes, believe it or not I started school on Monday. I'm trying to get back into the swing of things but it may take a few weeks.

In other news, I still have a giveaway planned and I'll try to get it up either tonight or tomorrow. Hope you all are having a great week. Thanks for stopping by!

Products Used:
Color Club Pucci-licious
Konad Image Plate M78
Konad White

Bye bye nail :(

Monday, August 9, 2010

Say Hello To My Little Friends!

After breaking/splitting 5 nails I decided to chop them all off! School is about to start and I'm afraid I won't have time to mend my nails on a full-time basis.

Sooooooooooo, I must say that I'm lovin' my new shorties. No more bumping my nails against just about everything. This is a small change but huge for me because my nails are about half the length they were. I feel so much lighter and can do just about everything faster without worrying about a break or split. Don't worry, I'll be back to my long nails in no time (I hope). For now I'm happy with my new nubbins. Now I can take full advantage of BM & Konad plates :)

Here are a few looks I played with over the weekend.

So do you like or hate my new nubbin's?

Orly Cosmic Fx Collection Space Cadet Swatch

Happy Monday! Look and see what followed me home yesterday, Space Cadet! All I can say is wow to this amazing duochrome. When I saw it in person, the color changed as I moved the bottle from side to side and I just new I had to have it. It goes from bronzy to a smooth mauve/rose color. My camera didn't pick it up but there are also flecks of green/teal in this purple base. This is really beautiful and my pics just don't do it justice. Here she is with 3 coats.


(indirect sunlight)

I forgot to mention I cut my nails. Say hello to my new nubbins :)

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Orly Cosmic Collection It's Not Rocket Science Swatch

Don't you just hate when people tell you "It's Not Rocket Science". I know I do, but one thing I don't hate is this new polish. I'm in love, love, LOVE with this sizzling hot green! Now, I'm normally not a green fan, but this one has me wide open.

Do you find this color unsual? It reminds me of an army green turned up a few notches. It has a bronzy green base jazzed up with flecks of gold and green glitter. This is definitely one of my favs.


(natural light)
Align Center

So what do you think? Will this one find it's way into your basket this fall?

Thursday, August 5, 2010

China Glaze DV8 Swatch

Happy Thursday! Hope you're doing well today and staying cool in the dry heat. It got up to 104 scorching degrees in my town yesterday but luckily we were able to get to the pool. I thought the chlorine would do a doozy on my nails but somehow I emerged with all of my polish intact.

Today I'm sharing one of my first polishes from the China Glaze OMG collection. This collection came out prior to my polish addiction. I've heard that holos have poor coverage, but after 3 coats there were no bald spots, so all is good.

This is my first true holo. For some reason I thought it would feel like silk after it was dry but it didn't lol. I'm really impressed with this finish, I just wish it would look like this out of the sunlight.

In other news, I'm really sad about my return to school. I think most schools begin 2 weeks from now but I go back on Monday :(, I'll try to update my blog at least once a week............. I'm also planning a second giveaway and I'll try to get that up later tonight or tomorrow :)

That's all for now. Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Foil it Up!!! Nail Foil Tutorial

Foiling is an easy way to create an impressive look with little effort. I've gotten a few questions about my technique so I prepared a quick tutorial. I choose this design because I thought it was unique, but foils can also be used for a more conservative look.

Before beginning, apply your basecoat + polish and allow to dry completely. If your nails are not strong (like mine), I recommend at least 2 layers of polish to provide stability. Foils are paper thin and will not provide support as nail polish does.

Products you'll need: foil glue, foil and cotton swab:

Select your favorite foil and cut into squares, then follow the steps below.

1. Apply a thin layer of glue and allow it to dry, about 2 minutes. The glue will turn clear.

2. While holding the foil, straighten it with your fingers so that its flat and not curved. Apply it to the nail. (Straightening the foil will help alleviate wrinkles and allow for a better application). Aim for the middle of the nail, it will serve as the base of the design.

3. Using a cotton swab, smooth the foil in the middle from the base to the tip. Smooth the right side, then left (or vice versa). Continue to smooth until the entire nail is covered.

4. Eventually the foil will lift on its own. Be careful not to smooth too roughly or the foil could fall off. Its important for the foil to stay in the correct place or the design could overlap or color go into the wrong section. If you have to, you can hold one corner in place with the adjacent finger (this may take some practice). Slowly lift the foil to reveal the design. Don't abruptly remove it. If you see any missed spots while lifting, simply push it back down and keep smoothing. Continue to smooth and lift until you have the results you want.

Apply your favorite topcoat and you’re done! Clean leftover foil with acetone or remover.

Other Hints/Tips:

-Foils are very thin and are not durable. A daily topcoat will help maintain your mani.

-Foil glue attracts cotton. Avoid leaving cotton on the nails from cotton balls/pads. Nails sponges are best.

-Non-metallic foils are easier to work with and require less precision.

-Nail polish can also be used to hide missed spots (although it may be difficult to match).

-Polish color can affect the final result, especially if the foil is transparent. Selecting a color close to the foil is best to help hide imperfections.


That's all I can think of for now. I hope you found this helpful and not confusing. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Disclaimer: The products in this tutorial were purchased by me. The opinions expressed are my own and not the manufacturer(s) of the above products. If you have any questions please contact me at

The foil was purchased from and the glue was purchased from, I am not affiliated with either company.


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