Friday, January 7, 2011

Sally Hansen Salon Effects On The Fly

Can you believe I started school already? I have 19 credit hours this semester and I feel a bit overwhelmed. I'm already behind in my studying but all I want to do is check out the latest polish collections and get caught up on reading your blogs :)

I needed a little pick me up from the horrible week I had and decided to go with the butterfly set from Sally Hansen Salon Effects. The name of this set is Fly With Me and is just adorable. To break things up a bit, I painted my ring finger Wet n' Wild Mint Fusion and topped it off with a sticker.

You can check out my review of the polish strips here. I must say that I like this set a lot better than Skinny Jeans because it's more interesting and looks more like a minx to me. I still haven't mastered my application but I noticed that they stick best when you start in the middle and smooth down to the creases of your nails, that way you avoid bubbles like you see on my index finger ;)


I didn't forget about posting more Art Club Glam Stickers. The next set I wanted to try are French Tips with rhinestones but I didn't think I could pull it off with a broken nail :(

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you have exciting plans for the weekend so that I can live vicariously through you. I'll be studying tonight and every night and for the next 15 months =)


  1. Those are really pretty, and I'm liking the accent nail as well!

  2. thanks ladies. these are my favorite from the line so far :)

  3. Love this, especially the index finger! I just picked up the lace set~

  4. omg, 19 cred hrs!? good luck! i almost die when im take 12 cred hrs. haha and thats a beautiful mani :)

  5. @Freshie. the lace set is hot! at first i thought i could recreate the look with Konad but now i'm not so sure. i'm tempted to pick them up.

    @Katrina. Yes. I'm studying now :0(

  6. Those butterflies are so cute! :) I have to study too but I'm so lazy and I can't start. xD

  7. cute! i hope they have these at wal mart bc i am dying to try these and might sneak a trip in over there this weekend to see if they have the new essie display set up :x

  8. Thanks Ivana & Amanda.

    Ivana. I'm lazy too but I hate going into a test feeling unprepared. If I get too far behind its almost impossible to catch up. I'm just trying not to get slammed this year... but we'll see how that goes.

    Amanda. I read they were at Wal-Mart also but I haven't been back there since Christmas. I hope you can find them and the Essies :)

  9. Thanks Becky. This is one of my favorites along with the blue jean, flower & lace designs.

  10. Fabulous design. I have such a weakness for butterflies. the color combo makes me think of spring ;)

  11. Me too LWTT. i needed a pick me up and this mani worked like a charm :)

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    congrats greetings tsiisfamke

  13. Nice. Some times nails can be a true work of art.
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