Saturday, January 29, 2011

My New Konad Image Plate Holder!

I always feel unorganized and out of sorts after an exam and have the urge to clean and organize my life. I've been working on doing a better job with my polish collection. I purchased another Melmer, but I still feel like the walls are caving in on me with nail polish. I guess some would call that a beautiful nightmare :)

So I was browsing through Target today and found this in the office section for 5 bucks. It's a mini-organizer rotating device. I thought this would be perfect to store my growing image plate collection.

I was using these plastic storage containers and separated them by Konad, Fauxnad, Delaney & Bundle Monster.

At first I was a little worried because the holder was a lot bigger than it looked in the store. Have you ever purchased a TV in-store and then get home and realize its huge! That's how I felt when I put my little image plates and polishes inside. They just sank to the bottom.

After a while I found the, almost, perfect solution to my sinking issue: two polar bear nail buffers (ha ha). They elevated the polishes to the perfect level.

And here's the result. I love my new little device. I feel more organized now and I can easily sort through the image plates to find the ones that I need.

What are you using for storage? Do you think you would like this gadget?


  1. That's cool. Now you'll have everything at your fingertips. I'm planning on buying the monster bundle plates so when I do I'm def looking for this. :)

  2. it sure is handy. i'm slowly learning how to be organized :)

  3. wow fantastic !! I would like to have one too !! I'm not organized...

  4. This is awesome. Mine are in a photo album, but I rarely remember to put them away! This would be much better!

  5. @Anne, i can relate. i'm staring at a table full of polish right now.

    @Jbrobeck, i tried the photo album too but got tired of taking them in and out. now i can quickly put them away. i think this will work for me :)

  6. That's awesome. I'm currently using a recycled round metal candle container. I purchased some soy candles from a school fundraiser & they came in round tins with lids. So, I burned the candle away and placed them in there. Works well for now, but I have to take them all out to see what one I want to use.

  7. @TrailerHood Chic, that was a great idea. i purchased a few tins during the Holiday season. i didn't think to put image plates in there.

    some stampers use baseball card holders or business card holders. they look like photo albums and allow you to quickly flip through pages.

  8. that's a great solution!! I'm using plastic container at the moment

  9. That looks nice :) And yeah, know the feeling of coming home and realizing something is way bigger, lol.

    I'm using a businesscard folder, so it's like a little book where I can easy browse through all my plates :)

  10. I'm also using a business(or credit)card album. It's just the right size for konad and BM plates...
    Greetings from Barcelona ;-)

  11. I definitely need to do something now that I'm starting to get more plates. Right now they're scattered in various boxes, which is no good at all.

  12. @Karen, i can't wait to see you konad. i don't think i've ever seen that before.

    @LWTT, thank you :)

    @Angeles, greeting from the US! 24 of the US States are about to have snow storm. I hope its warmer there.

    @Shiny, i remember the first time i bought a TV home and it was HUGE, lol.

  13. I love your new storage system! Very cool! :)

  14. awesome, great idea.
    Super convenient :)

  15. wow, i def. have to look into that.



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