Monday, June 21, 2010

Kissy Face Mani

Happy Monday! I hope everyone is doing well today. I had a great Father’s Day with DH and did this Kissy Face mani just for him. Did you have a great Father’s Day? I hope everyone has an important male role model, past or present, in their lives.

For this mani I used a plain white polish for the base and sponged silver on top of it. This isn’t the original look I was going for but I think it turned out okay. DH’s favorite color is red, but since I did the rose manicure in red for him, I decided to pick my favorite color. Please excuse my thumb I don't know what happened to it :)

This will be my last pink mani for awhile (unless I decide to do a swatch). I need to start experimenting with other colors in my stash or I’ll never get through them all. I’ll probably do a vamp day or week soon since my favorite movie, Twilight, will be out shortly.

Products used:

Orly - French Manicure White

LA Colors – LIVE for silver sponging

Bundle Monster image plates– BM02 & BM09

Konad Stamping Polish – Pink

Black Stamping – Color Club “Where’s The Soiree?”

I was trying to lighten the photo and came up with this. Looks kinda cool eh? Now you can see what it would look like in blue :)

Thanks for taking out time to check out my pics. Have a great polishing day!


  1. That's cute, I love the colors you've used :)

  2. Hey I just gave you a blog award because I love the designs that you come up with for your nails! =)..go to my blog to receive it..

  3. Thanks so much guys. I appreciate all your feedback!

    Caramelcutie that's so sweet of you! Thank you!!!

  4. I feel so late to the party!! I just discovered your blog!! :-( I LOVE EET!! :-) I have added you to my blog list and have placed your giveaway on my look who's having a giveaway page and am now a follower!! Welcome to the blog world.

  5. Cute!!

  6. Thanks Audrey & Jilian. Can't wait to visit your blogs!

  7. woah youve got some skills!! love it! <3

  8. OMG!! All your designs are soooo pretty. Love it! And this images are so cool. I want to buy them, but they don't sell to Turkey=( How ı'm unlucky.. =)



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