Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Happy Wednesday

Hello everyone. I hope you all are doing well today. I had a great day at home with the kiddo's and we made door knob hangers. I promised my daughter a do-it-yourself jewelry craft set and I forgot to pick it up. So I made a quick stop at the Dollar Store and grabbed a hanger kit.

It's not bad for a buck. We worked on it together and it kept her quite for all of 30 minutes (ha ha). Aren't they cute.

I also had a chance to play with my polishes. I wanted to swatch LA Colors LIVE but I couldn't get a good pic due to the weather. It's a really cute polish that I use a lot for konading. It's only $1 at the Dollar Store and about $2 online. Here's a photo without a topcoat.

Then I tried to konad it but that was a complete disaster, lol. I made it worse by adding rhinestones and stripes. Here I used BM 21 and Konad white. I took it off immediately and slapped on Refresh-mint.

Excuse the crappy pic. The weather was just awful today with no sun whatsoever. I'm changing my mani in the morning and I'll post new pics tomorrow. Hope you ladies have a wonderful night.

Whoops. I almost forgot. For the green mani I used CG Refresh-mint and stamped in CG 2030. The images plates are konad M60 and M76.


  1. wow!! thats really cute... love ur mani with LA color

  2. i went a little crazy last time i was at DT... i have around 20 of those now! and they are good! did you pick up atomic? one of my favs!

  3. Ok now I know I have to get that shade of LA Colors. :)
    Love the door knob hangers. :)

  4. Thanks ladies.

    Jbrobeck I only saw 2 there. I'm going back in a few days to pick up the second set :)

  5. you did an amazing job with re-freshmint & 2030. I adore the combo =)

  6. ooh, those are such pretty manis!

  7. Haven't seen this LA Colors shade before--looks very nice!



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