Monday, June 7, 2010

I Found StudiosM's :)

Guess what yall?. I finally found Massini/StudioM polishes. I went a little crazy once I got to Meijers and picked up most of the glitters, neons & a few crèmes.

I’ve wanted Slammin’ Red for awhile now and I rushed to try it out. It’s a thick, luscious one coater that’s full of glitter. It dried matte, leaving me a little disappointed, but I was able to bring it back to life with a top coat.

SR was difficult to photograph. In this pic it looks like a marbled kitchen counter top. I like the effect the camera put on it, but the top pic is more accurate. Unfortunately, my camera doesn't have enough pixels to capture the bling of this polish.


  1. OH WOW this is gorgeous!!!! I want it. LOL

  2. oh, so pretty! i don't have access to these!

  3. I've wanted it since earlier this year.

    I'm giving one away in my next giveaway :)

  4. waaaaaaaaaaa....this is my ultimate lemming polish.. I fell in love with this polish when I saw at scrangie and I'm so glad for Angie from scandalous polish sent me one... but the very sad part of it.. it didnt survive on the way here...huhuhu =( and since I really want for this I collect the dried polish on the bottle and put them in an empty bottle of polish with nail polish thinner & drops some clear polish and HOLA!! i made a possible swatch of it and I want top stay on my nails forever.. this polish is really fabulous!! im so envy with u for u have this polish...I also had a difficulty on capturing the true beauty of this...

  5. Awwwww Thriszha I feel your pain. I found out about it and didn't have a way of getting it. I was afraid to ask a friend I hadn't talked to in awhile to mail me a bottle of nail polish.
    I ended up taking a road trip and DH was nice enough to agree to stop by Meijer.

    Thanks IOverlada.

  6. hey sweety.. no worries.. for I had able to make my broken nail polish survive.. hehehe!! but anyways, just in case u come across again to this polish would u care to get 1 for me and I would love to swap with Etude house polish or a crack polish that locally available here in Manila..

    oopsss... u were inmy FAB blog roll list!! Im so stupid for I always forgot to update my blog roll...

    take care sweety!!
    xoxo sweety!!

  7. Thanks Courtney. Pics just don't do it justice.

  8. Really nice, quite rare effect i think :)

  9. This polish rocks! Looks great on you!



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