Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Milani In a Flash and Melt in the Sun

Hi everyone! I wanted to make a really quick post about the Milani's I found on Sunday. I went on a hunt for the Liquid Metal Collection but unfortunately I could only find one which was Metal Gear. And since they were having a B1G1 50% off sale I also got In A Flash. I was really impressed with these two, especially Metal Gear. It was so pretty I just couldn't bring myself to stamp on it.

Here's "In A Flash" stamped with Konad white and image plate M63 which is great for a pseudo marbled effect.

2 coats over a nude base
Now for what you've been waiting for "Metal Gear". It's a beautiful burnt orange and went on with 2 coats. Can you say drool city?

I think this was a wise investment and I'll continue looking for her sister polishes, lol. I hope you guys have a great night. It's close to midnight here and I've got to get a few hours rest. Thanks for stopping by and if you haven't already please enter my giveaway!!!! The deadline is June 30 10pm Central Time (US)


  1. Well now, I will be purchasing BOTH of these colors tomorrow morning. These are gorgeous and Metal Gear looks fabulous on you!


  2. Nice colors, and they both look great on you! I like the Konad as well :)

  3. I love the konad you added on the first one :D

  4. Beautiful colors, love the Konad.

  5. Such "hot" colors. :) Loving them and the Konading.
    Oh and I'm having a brand new giveaway on my blog. I just started it yesterday.

  6. such pretty colors! :) and i love your konading!

  7. This turned out great! I haven't used this plate yet, thanks for showing how differently I can use it =)

  8. Thanks ladies.

    Freshie. My nails are too long for the plates. I have to play around with them to get different designs.

  9. This is just sooooooo fantastic, especially on you!

    I wish I could find these. :(

  10. Thanks Belle.

    I had a hard time also. The one I found was in the wrong section of the store and they didn't have a display for it. It was as if someone returned it.



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