Saturday, December 17, 2011

Finger Paints Special Effects Collection Swatches and Review

You know you have an obsession when the Sally’s sales lady knows you and your husband, lol. Just when I swore I was finished nail polish shopping for the year, along comes these beautiful flakies!!! I was at home with the little ones and hubby was kind enough to pick these up for me while he was out (kudos to hubby). I’m so excited I got these last night! They are due for release in January at Sally’s Beauty Supply but the SA was kind enough to pull them from boxes. There are 5 polishes in the Special Effects Collection: Asylum, Twisted, Motley, Flashy and Flecked.

I only picked up 3 colors in an effort to avoid dupes. I choose Asylum, Twisted and Motley. Flashy looks like Hidden Treasures to me and Flecked I thought would look like Sinful Colors Green Ocean but boy was I wrong.

First up is Twisted – the best from the collection, IMO. Even though I don’t have the entire collection (haha). Twisted has several colors that pop when applied over black. I noticed red, blue, gold, orange and green. It’s a flakie lover’s dream! I believe the rainbow of flakies come from the duochrome of some of the flakes (red/gold and green/blue). Whatever the reason I’m in love with this one! This was the most concentrated of the 3 that I have, meaning, it seemed to have more flakes inside the clear base compared to the other two. This makes since because it appears to be a combination of flakies from the other polishes.

Asylum – makes a blue and red fireball on the nail when applied over black. This is my second favorite from the collection. It has less flakies inside the clear base than Twisted, but I still only used 1 coat over black to achieve this look. Asylum looks VERY similar to Edge of Glory according to pictures.

Motley – is beautiful but it’s my least favorite from the set. In the swatches I saw it looked blue but on the nail it’s actually blue and green and VERY similar to Sinful Colors Green Ocean. I actually have Green Ocean on the pinky finger in the swatch below. It’s not an exact duplicate but close. Green Ocean’s flakies are larger, brighter and includes fine glitter so bright that it looks like flakes, versus Motley’s blue/green duochrome flakes which are smaller but still beautiful. Both polishes create a bright blue/green shine on the nail and it’s difficult to tell them apart unless you look very closely.

Here are close-ups of the collection.

I was wrong about Flecked. It looks like Motley is almost a dupe to Sinful Colors Green Ocean.

Overall these flakies are the business!!! I’m totally impressed with the Special Effects line. I used 1 coat of each polish over Wet N' Wild Black Creme. Motley and Asylum may require a second coat if you want your nails to look saturated with flakies but I was happy with the effect of just 1 layer. The small FingerPaint's brush allows ease of application and the flakies lay down very nicely on the nail, unlike Green Ocean which sometimes has to be patted down in order to lay flat.

I’m not sure how close Asylum is to Deborah Lippmann’s Edge of Glory polish but it's a great alternative at a fraction of the price. The polishes will be on display beginning in January for $4.99. I copped mind for $4.49 with a Beauty Club Card, lol. I hope you enjoyed these swatches; they were so much fun to do! Now I swear I’m done polish shopping for the year. For real this time! Oh and if you want to see swatches of all 5 polishes visit The Nailphile's blog. She has gorgeous pictures of all 5!

P.S. I have NOT forgotten about the 10-day Nail Challenge. I’ve been busy preparing for the Holiday and entertaining my daughter. I’ll continue the Challenge very soon. I also have another giveaway coming up soon. Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you are enjoying the Holiday Season!!!


  1. so pretty.They havent arrived in
    WI yet!

  2. Oh my! Twisted is going on my wish list!

  3. I LOVE Twisted! It looks exactly like stained glass!

  4. @Aaminah's Mom, hopefully they'll arrive soon!

    @H and TopCoatlt, Oh Yes!!! Twisted is on fire!!! <3<3<3

  5. Ahhh! So happy to see more swatches of these. I'm still deciding which ones to buy...Twisted and Asylum are for sure, but I can't make up my mind on Motley. If you have Nfu Oh 40, is it similar?

  6. @Ali I don't own Nfu Oh 40 but according to pictures the flakies in #40 look bigger and brighter. Of course this can be deceiving because they're pictures only. Hopefully someone will do a comparison soon.

  7. Soooo need these in my life. Checked my Sally's and they weren't out sad face.

  8. I love! I'm so glad I saw this before I went out brought the Essie flakie. T4P

  9. Yes! Pick up an extra with the money saved.

  10. These are gonna be sold out in a blink of an eye!!

  11. Finally my wish come true! A flakies collection that will be readily available, I hope it is not a limited collection so that I can get my hand on these beauties.

  12. Thanks ladies!

    @Bunny Nails I believe they are limited edition.

  13. How did you manage to get the Sally's employee to pull them out for you? :( I hope they don't do that to everyone. By the time January comes, there won't be any left to buy!

  14. @Cornflakes I just asked. Someone had gotten there before me. The SA stated that she couldn't put them on the floor but she could pull them from the back if someone asked for them.



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