Friday, December 30, 2011

Top 11 of 2011, My Favorite Polishes of the Year!

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up string
These a few of my favorite things....

My favorite polishes of the year in no particular order

Oh my
Megan you're such a gem. Elegant and sophisticated. Although it's not your typical neutral I think it can pass in various environments.

I think I finally figured out how to create the perfect movie manicure. You know the one that Jennifer Aniston usually wears in movies.
Mousseline takes a few coats but it's like cushiony clouds once you get there.

The perfect little topcoat to quickly spice up a mani, Nubar White Dots.

The perfect Holiday green Glittering Garland.

I coveted the magnetics from a far throughout 2010 and was thrilled when they made it to the US in 2011. One of my favorites the year, Layla
Black Metal.
The Special Effects arrived late this year but just in time to ignite a fire on my nails.
Twisted was my favorite from the collection of five. I know a lot of people don't like the density of the polish but I think it's perfect because it allows me to create the look I'm going for. I can be a demure vixen with 1 coat or take it into overdrive with several coats.

Khloe Had A Little Lam Lam. Need I say more?

Change your Holiday vision. Blue is not a color that comes to mind during the Holidays but
Snow-Man of My Dreams was the perfect mate this year.

The Lovely Gayle. This muted one coat-er won me over.

My first neutral glitter, or should I say a neutral based.
Glitter in the Air makes me happy :)

First Mate. A stunning cobalt blue that's sure to turn heads.

The return of DS polishes. We were all hoping for holographics but were gifted with glitter instead. With the mix of purple, blue and pink used to make
DS Temptation, I'm not complaining.

Perfecting a Dupe. This may be one of the most popular Revlon's of the year. A duplicate to Deborah Lippmann's Bad Romance,
Facets of Fuschia, was definitely a favorite of mine.

While the excitement over crackles has died down there were a few stars amongst the bunch. Clean Break was one of my favorites from the plethora of crackles that were released in 2011. It was one of the few that cracked wide enough to allow ample room to visualize the base color. Go Color Club for mastering this formula!

And there you have it. A few of my favorites. Yes I know, I went well over 11 polishes but I just couldn't narrow it down!

I hope you enjoyed my selections. Until next time, Happy Polishing!


  1. I love your picks! Your nails look amazing.

  2. Fantastic picks! I really love "Megan" on you. "Mousseline" is an untried for me - got it at a CVS 75% off sale - but you've inspired me to wear it :)

  3. What do you use to get your nails to grow like that. amazing post!

  4. Thanks Gotham and Diamon.

    @GothamPolish. Ohhh, I didn't know Mousseline was on clearance. The CVS in my are didn't have any SH CM's labeled :(

    @Everythingsdiamond. I keep my nails pretty short in the winter and longer in the summer since I suffer from winter dryness. I try to keep them moisturized with cuticle oil and hand lotion to prevent breakage. I rotate between moisturizing and protein base coats. I also try to keep them polished to help prevent breakage. HTH.

  5. Love the magnetic polish and white cracking nails :) All of them just so adorable and unique colors!

  6. Thanks so much Anastacia!!! Happy New Years to you as well :)

  7. Great picks. You have just validated my want for Glittering Garland and Temptation.

  8. This may sound weird, but you have such photogenic nails! Haha they always look good no matter the color, but I especially loved that gorgeous dark blue from China Glaze! Good picks!

  9. @Dameliac Awww, thank you!

    @KayJay Yes! You need both :)



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