Thursday, December 1, 2011

Essie Luxeffects Swatches and Dupes

Tonight I have a few swatches of Luxeffects. I ordered them online before I realized I have a lot of dupes. The duplicates are swatched on my ring finger.

A Cut Above - large and small pink hex glitter in a clear base. Some enchanted evening is on the ring finger.

Pearl Perfection - white shimmer topcoat. I have China Glaze White Cap on the ring finger which is more golden.

Set In Stones
- small and large silver hex glitter in clear base. I have Today Was a Fairytale on the ring finger. It's less dense and has a smoother application (must be the diamond dust ;)

Shine of The Times - clear flakie with golden highlights. I have Hidden Treasures on the ring finger. Its also less dense.

As Gold As It Gets -
golden shimmer topcoat.

And a few bottle pics of duplicates.

Hidden Treasures and Shine of The Times

Some Enchanted Evening, A Cut Above and Sparkled
(not a dupe, color reference)

Today Was a Fairytale, Set in Stones and Sparkling Diamonds

I was so excited to see Essie expand their horizons and include more glitters in their line but I was disappointed with the number of duplicates in this collection. It's great if you've been looking for a less expensive option to the Lippman polishes or a back up to Hidden Treasures, but not so great if you own the dupes.


  1. you're right about the dupes...luckily, I didn't have anything similar to the 3 I got.

  2. I love the color combo you used with Set In Stones & Shine Of The Times!

  3. Anyways all those looks so bling-bling! Love the sparkles! Wow! U are lucky to have both Hidden Treasures and the new esse one!

  4. this is so cool!!!I love them a lot.

  5. Thanks ladies. They are extra blingy and great for the Holiday Season.

  6. such a great collection!!
    Thanks for the dupes ideas!

  7. I'm a bit disappointed, I wanted them a lot but now I think I have dupes for almost all of them !
    Anyway, I'll get a bottle of Shine of the Times as a back up for my Hidden Treasure which is nearly impossible to find in Belgium :)

  8. Hey! What is the third polish in the picture with the DL Today Was a Fairytale and the Essie Set in Stones? Desperately trying to find an affordable dupe!

    1. Sorry for the late reply. It's Sparkling Diamonds by LA Colors. You can get it at the Dollar Store (Everything's A $1) or Dollar General. HTH.

  9. What is the third polish in the picture with the DL Today Was a Fairytale and the Essie Set in Stones? I'm desperately trying to find an affordable dupe!



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