Monday, September 19, 2011

Sally Hansen Fall 2011 Collection - Review and Swatches

Tonight I have a review of the Sally Hansen Fall 2011 Collection. The Collection is a result of several collaborations with Fashion Designers: Tracy Reese, J Mendel, Rachel Roy and Prabal Gurung.

Mousseline. Perfect work neutral, a soft white with a ceramic hue. It makes my nails look like porcelain which I love. The only problems is that I needed 4 thin coats for complete coverage.

Ballet Rouges. A nice dusty pink, like Barbie but with an edge. I used 3 coats for good measure but could have gotten away with 2.

Courtesan. Medium fuchsia, very pretty. Only needed 2 coats.

Crinoline. Soft white neutral with a pink hue compared to Mousseline's beige/taupe. I liked the formula better on this one but it also required 4 coats.

Dorien Gray. A blue-tinted gray. It's more gray but looks blue on me for whatever reason. It has a very thin formula and required 4 coats.

Green Tea. Dusty mint green with a hint of blue. Very chic. Two coats required.

Himalayan Blue. Gorgeous blue with a thin formula. I needed 3 coats.

Madame X. I like the formula on this one the most. I only needed 2 coats.

Terracotta. This one reminds of a cappuccino. Pretty color but I'm not sure if it looks that great with my skin tone. Two coats gave me mannequin hands.

Oxide. Gunmetal foil that's really popular right now. Only 2 coats were required.

Oxide in direct light to show its blingy-ness.

Bewitched (Outdoors). Pretty eggplant creme. It's very dark but almost black indoors.

Bewitched (Indoors). I took a second pic to show the actual purple/eggplant of the polish. I used 2 coats.

Shiny Penny. Very sheer copper-orange. I used 2 coats but could have gotten away with a 3rd. My camera couldn't accurately capture its beauty.

Overall the polishes applied well in either 2-4 coats. Most of the line are cremes so there may be duplicates available. Some of the formulas were a bit thin as noted above while the other were better and only required 2-3 coats. My favorites from the collection are: Bewitched, Mousseline, Dorien Gray and Green Tea.

I don't have the exact release date but the collection will be available soon.

~The above polishes were provided to me for review.~


  1. Ooh I love Dorien Grey, Green Tea and Ballet Rouges. I hope I manage to find these somewhere locally! Thanks for the swatches. =)

  2. ooh although I'm a pink person, I'm really excited about that terracota. i feel like i have 'those' pinks already.. lol. thanks for swatching these

  3. I am surprised to see I like most of these! I love Mousseline and Green Tea! I love your nails, too!

  4. Shiny Penny reminds me of Deborah Lippman's Brick House.

  5. Gorgeous colors, but the sheerness is a bit of a bummer.

  6. Oh my ! Lovely :D !
    My favorites are Mousseline and Dorian Grey !
    Dorian Grey does remind me a little of China Glaze's Sea Spray ?

  7. Thanks for sharing! I fell in love with Mouselline but 4 coats really are offputting to me >.<

  8. Ohh, these are NICE! And your nails are straight FIYAH!....Something else I will have to hunt down!!!!

  9. Oh I actually love all of them..well apart from the orange ones. Never been really fond of orange. But the first 6 were really pretty! :)

  10. Love Dorien Gray and Bewitched :D Thanks for beautiful swatches :)

  11. Thanks so much ladies!

    @Pretty. I know you have so many pinks already. I think Terracotta will be cute on you.

    @Tera. Thank you, you're too kind!

    @Jennifer. I think it looks similar but maybe a little lighter. It looks like more golden according to swatches.

    @Bunny. I agree but if I love the color sometimes I don't mind an extra coat.

    @Admiral.It is similar but slightly darker and more blue (at least on me :)

    @Glittermuffin. I agree Mousseline is my fav <3<3<3

    @Sweetie. Thanks so much (blush).

    @Olivia. Thank you. I prefer burnt oranges and corals.

    @Aurora. You're welcome :)

    @Abby. Thanks!

    I hope you all are having a fabulously polished days!

  12. I think the only one I'm not thrilled with is Terracotta. Your nails look fabulous!

  13. My heart fluttered!! I am in love with Dorien gray, mousseline, green tea and bewitched. Eee!! I can't wait!!


  14. My fav is Dorian Gray! I don't know if I've told you before, but I love the shape of your nails!!!

  15. I just spotted these in the Meijer near where I work. I wasn't sure about Terracotta--picked it up, put it back, and ended up getting the penny one instead. Might go back for it.

  16. I saw a big display of these the other day and passed them up because they all looked kind of "meh" in the bottle but, seeing them on the nail, there's a few that I like alot! I'll have to pick some of them up! :)



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