Monday, September 26, 2011

Color Club Foiled Collecton - Fall 2011 Swatches and Review

Color Club brings you six Luxurious Liquid Shades with Foiled, Chrome-like shine and strong as Metal wear. Colors so hot they Melt!

Cold Metal a bright royal blue.

Foil Me Once a very icy pink. It's so shiny. I didn't capture this one quite well.
Lumin-Icecent an icy blue. This is one of my favorites.

Hot Like Lava a fun magenta pink. This one drove my camera crazy and I couldn't capture the true beauty of the color.

Antiquated a rustic gold that leans silver on me.

Perfect Mol-ten a fun bright green. I think this one will look great over the Holidays.
I used 2 coats of polish for each color and no topcoat. They applied nicely and dried relatively quickly. Lumen-Icecent and Antiquated had lines when applied but I was able to smooth most of them out. Hot Like Lava, Lumen-Icecent and Cold Metal are my favorites. I may have a duplicate of Cold Metal in my stash but I still love it. It reminds me of OPI Swimsuit...Nailed It but its a little brighter. Since they're all foils they should be great for stamping. I think these will wear great over the Holidays when you want to add an extra something to your mani!

~Sent to me for review~


  1. Lumin-Icecent is my favorite as well, great nails!

  2. I must have the blue one. OMG it is gorgeous.

  3. Lovely colors

    where can I buy those??


  4. Thanks Ladies!

    @Jenna I love Col Metal also!

    @Alex. You can get them at Ross or online at,, and VictoriaNailSupply

  5. I just picked these up at Ross and I am so excited about them! They're gorgeous, especially the dark blue.

  6. Foils foils foils!!! I love them!!


  7. I want these! They haven't made it to my Ross yet, but I was able to snag one half of the Boho collection.

  8. I love these colors!
    You made realy nice swatches as always :-)

  9. Thanks sweet ladies!!!

    @Madeline & Fashion Rave. I agree the Cold Metal is rockin'!!!

    @KayJay. I wish we had a Ross here :(

    @Shirley. Thank you (blush).



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