Sunday, September 11, 2011

NOTD - Layla Magneffect Black Metal 12 (Swatch)

Just a quick post to share my NOTD or shall I say Nail of the Nite. I purchased a gift certificate via KGB and ordered a few polishes from Aveyou. I've been lemming Alessandro Go Magic's for so long but they're close to impossible to find in the US, so I quickly ordered up a few Layla's. Tonight I'm wearing Black Metal but I also ordered Purple Galaxy and Golden Nugget.

The polish applied relatively easy. It is on the thicker side but I guess it has to be in order to work it's magic. I used two coats, 1 thin and 1 thick, and held the magnet near the nail for about 5 seconds. You can angle the magnet to make the lines look how you want. Next time I may try more horizontal lines. Overall it was pretty easy to do but I can imagine it make be more difficult for longer nails. I wasn't sure about the topcoat but I applied one just in case. All of the pics are without a topcoat.

It looks more silver/chrome in the bottle but it darkens after the magnet is applied.

Overall these polishes are pretty sweet but a little pricey. If I could change anything I would make the magnet more round/angled so that it could make lines in the corners of the nail in addition to the middle. It's still a neat effect and I look forward to wearing these throughout the Fall.

I purchased my Layla's from Aveyou but they have also been spotted at Walgreens.


  1. REally amazing!!
    I love the color!

  2. That is so neat! I always wanted to find those magnetic polishes so I could give them a try!

  3. omg i love this! i have been seeing these polishes for a couple of months now and i still have yet to get them! looks great on you btw!!

  4. My heart dropped when I saw that that it's been spotted at Walgreerns. O love these polishes. Your swatch made me need it even more!!!


  5. They look so cool and yes very pricey I looked at LCN's polishes and they cost $9.95 per bottle and $115 for their set of 8 with two magnets. Looks like I won't be trying these anytime soon :) lol btw thanks for checking out my blog I really have to update it

  6. Never seen anything like that before, cool though x

  7. What an interesting effect :)



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