Sunday, September 18, 2011

Essence Nail Stickers

I wanted to try a quick mani last night but I was too lazy to pull out my polishes so I went for the stickers. I've had these for a few months now but wasn't quick to try them with all of the bad reviews. So going in I knew these would be problematic but I didn't really care because I only planned on wearing them for a day.

Last night I played around with the only the pinkie to get an idea of the application, how well they would stick and to determine the need for a topcoat. I read on Parokeets that heat would help with application so I applied a little fire to them for a second. The heat melted the sticker and gave it a good grip when applied.

I just finished the rest of my nails today. They turned out much better than expected and I might even wear these tomorrow if they're still on. My daughter helped apply them by holding down the edge near the cuticle while I stretched out the sticker and then rubbed it with a cuticle pusher. I applied a thick coat of Poshe to seal the edges and ends. The down side is that they are a little too small for my nails but I made due with the stickers I had. For my thumb I used two stickers, lol. It looks kinda of weird but I don't think it'll be noticed much. I didn't get a lot of gathering (I think the heat helped with that) except on the thumb where I think the polish got underneath the sticker. Overall these took a lot of effort to apply and may last a day or two. I'm not sure if they're still available. I purchased them from Ulta for about $2.50 a few months ago but haven't seen them since.

Thanks for stopping by! Peace, love and nailpolish :)


  1. That's a cute design! Thanks for sharing some tips on how you applied the stickers. I have a set of Sally Hansens that have sat here for going on a year because I'm so intimidated!

  2. I never tried this. But it looks so cute! At my store (Müller) they are still available.

  3. They are a cute design - gotta admit that before I started reading I was going, "so she cut up bits of stickers and then layered them on in that really neat pattern? Dang that's talent!" ROFL!

  4. I've never tried them. They look good!

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  5. Thanks ladies.

    @Serendipitously I'm not that talented, lol.

    @Tina I you outside of the US? I think they stopped carrying them here.

    @Kimberly. Just do it! The Sally Hansen's are pretty easy to apply.

  6. Despite the bad reviews, I think they are super cute!! Thanks for
    The helpful tips!!


  7. Thanks Alexisaurus. I knew going in it wouldn't be easy but I was pleasantly surprised with the results.



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