Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day Nails

Hello lovelies! Today I'm sharing my Valentine's Day nails. For this look I used Zoya Sooki and topped it off with CoverGirl Gold Front. I stamped using Daschica's Beauty image plates SdP-A14 (cupid - the number is slightly missing but I believe it's A14) and SdP-B09 for the hearts.

A swatch two coats of Sooki. I love saying that name, lol.

Sooki topped with old school Cover Girl FrostSlicks in Gold Front. I'm so happy I ran across this at the Dollar Store. It gives the nail a touch of glam.

Do you have anything fun planned for Valentine's Day?
Hubby and I went out already over the weekend so I'll probably spend the day with my girls and finish making our Valentines tree house :)


  1. Superb!!! I totally love it!!!

  2. You make me want to order more stamping plates! Gorgeous!

  3. Gorgeous! Beautiful mani! No plans really for me.but hav e a fun day though. Maybe I shall paint my nails but have t stay up to do work I procrastinated. :(

    Prob mail some scarves to my friend in Ny though. Lol friend are so far away. Hehe

  4. Love this!!!!! Happy Valentine's Day!

  5. I love the Cupid! It's adorable!

  6. Wow
    this is gorgeous

  7. Thanks ladies. This was so fun to wear. Hope you had a great Valentine's Day!

    @Pretty you sound like me. I procrastinate sometimes because I need the pressure to help me focus, lol.

  8. Wow these are amazing! Your stamping is perfection!



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