Monday, February 20, 2012

Icing Magnetix Blue Swatches and Review

When I first saw swatches of the Icing Magnetix I knew I had to have the green and blue from the set. Of course when I got there, the shimmering pink was calling my name, so I left the store with all four :D

My current NOTD is the blue magnetix from the collection. As far as I know it does not have a name, or at least my bottle doesn't. It comes with a wavy magnet design and I must say it's smokin' hot! The polish color is a cobalt blue with ice blue highlights created by using the magnet.

There is also a hint of pink shimmer that can be seen in the dark blue of the design. It gives the cobalt blue a slight pink flash under artificial light. I haven't worn this out in the Sun yet but I doubt it would be very obvious. For a topcoat I used 1 layer of Wet N' Wild clear followed by 1 layer of Poshe.

Here's a close up of the wavy magnet. I revealed the design by accident. I actually purchased the magnetixs a few weeks ago but I got frustrated with them and let polish dry on the magnet by mistake. When I removed it with straight acetone it revealed the design. This mistake actually turned out to be quite helpful because I could accurately see which way the lines were going and didn't make any in the wrong direction.

The down side of the polish is the horrific brush. It tends to bend in all kinds of strange directions and picks up way too much polish. To help with application I flattened it with a plastic bag for the first coat. I left it as is for the second coat so I didn't waste too much polish. The extra also helps to intensify the design.

All things considered, it's a a great buy because the magnet is very strong and can be used for other magnetic polishes. The wavy designs is also one of my favorites from the other options available.

The Icing Magnetixs retail for $9 per bottle but Icing usually runs a buy one get one 50% promotion. So two magnetic polishes are a pretty sweet deal for less than 15 bucks.


  1. So beatifulll <3

    Please visitme :)))

  2. Wow. I bought that one recently and it basically does not work at all, even when I tried the magnet from my Layla polish, which works really well. I was disappointed because it's such a pretty color. Yours looks really good!

  3. I have the pink one and looks uber gorgeous, i do not like the huge price for a tiny bottle. And the bottles should be labeled with what kind of magnet u are buying...

  4. @Irem. Thank you.

    @Starfighter. I had problems too and first and I was so busy with school and I had to put them away and go back when I had more time to play with them. Maybe you can try it again when you have more time. I started with a thin base coat then a 2nd thick coat. You have to be VERY fast with the magnet. So it helps to be able to see the lines and apply it to the nail quickly. I would say you have about 3 seconds to get the magnet to the nail after you apply the polish. Any longer it will be dry and you will not have a design. HTH.

    @Jossie. Yes. I thought the pink looked amazing in the store lighting. I haven't tried it out yet though. I agree it would be nice if the bottle had the type of magnet and the direction at the top to help with application.

    @Susie. Thank you (blush).

  5. I'm not into magnetic polishes yet, but I keep on loving how the blue ones turn out..
    I keep on seeing swatches of many brands, and sooner or later I'll give up to this kind of mani, I know.... It's hard to resist, since I'm a blue addicted!

  6. Fun! I got a couple of these in a swap but haven't been able to try them yet.

  7. I purposely paint my magnets for that reason. The label does have the magnet design but its hard to tell which is which. The pink is gorgeous, really shimmery. Blue and gold are my favs tho.

  8. @QueenMiSeRy The blue is calling my name. I don't know if it's the wavy magnet or what but I like the effect.

    @KarenD. I can't wait to see what you do with them.

    @Riot. Yes I agree. The magnet should be labeled in some way. The polish dries too fast to waste time finding the proper alignment.

  9. I'm not a huge fan of this trend-but this is a really different design from the ones I normally see!



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