Thursday, February 2, 2012

Zoya Fleck Effects Collection 2012, Swatches and Review

Hello everyone! I'm still slightly under the weather. It's quite funny that I've tried so many things to make myself feel better and today the only thing that worked was painting my nails. Polish makes me happy. It just feels natural to me. Anyways, I wanted to take a moment and thank you all for your sweet comments. I'm still slightly behind on catching up with everything in my life but I hope to be on track soon!

Today I want to share the Zoya Fleck Effects Collection with you. This Collection consists of a green, blue and pink flecked topcoat that can be layered and applied over several colors to create a 3-D effect. I believe they look best over a black creme which is what I used below.

Maisie - Aqua flakie that flashes blue and green in a sheer turquoise base. This was my favorite from the collection. It makes my nails look like the Sea!

Opal - Green flakie in a sheer green base. It flashes a bright green and shifts to a blue.

- Sheer pink base with two types of flakes. One flashes red to orange. The other flashes green to blue, but my camera couldn't capture this one. It's quite beautiful on the nail.

Opal over Chloe
- For fun I added a little Opal to Chloe. Love the look!

A closer view of the pretties.

I applied one coat of each Fleck to create the above looks. They all applied well and removed easily. The concentration of Flecks is what I would consider medium. They're not as thick as Essie's flakies and not as thin as FingerPaints. I like that you can layer the Flecks to create the look that you want. I think it gives you more control over the outcome when you can layer the polish to your own personal taste. Overall I think they're pretty Jazzy! My favorites from the set are Maisie and Chloe.

Zoya Flecks Collection can be purchased from

~Provided for Review~


  1. I've been loving Maisie since the first time I've seen it. On black or blue cremes it is gorgeous! <3

  2. Oh my ! Here's hoping I'll manage to get my hands on these ! I badly want to get the Finger Paints version to be honest but can't find them anywhere that ship to Europe, Malta :(

  3. love love love all of them, espec the green and blue flakies x

  4. Hello = D
    I learned the technique of the Marble Dry in your publication. I wanted to show you what I did.

    I would be very happy with your visit and comment.
    Thanks for sharing the technique!



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