Saturday, August 20, 2011

Dry Marble - Take Two

Hello everyone. Hope you're having a great Saturday! I had a fun day of doing absolutely nothing. Hubby and I watched the move "Take Me Home Tonight" an 80's based romantic comedy. It was pretty funny and reminiscent of my college years of partying. I wish I could go back there again, lol.

I had a lot of free time today since I'm caught up on most of my school work (for a change) so I played with dry marbling again. Someone had asked about using cheap-y polishes so I tried them out for this marble. I did three different combinations but this one turned out the best. I think the foil polish really adds a little somethin' extra to it. I'm gonna save the other two and try them out later.

The colors I used are: Wet N Wild Bar-B (light pink), LA Colors Electrified (pink foil), Wet N Wild Jubilee (medium purple) and Arissa dark purple shimmer (no name).

I applied them the same was as in the marble tutorial. Yes, it does looks like a Laffy Taffy (ha ha).

Here's what they look like on a Ziploc bag. I tried to make them look similar to a water marble. I only used 1 and a half rows for a complete mani. I'm saving the others for next time.

We'll I hope you're having a fun night. I gotta go hang out with Hubby. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. OMG. What is this?? How is this done?? Do you have a link to a tutorial?

  2. I love this!!!
    This is actually "marbling" That I am going to be able to do! So excited! Now I just need some time in which to try this!

  3. Hey garota isso é magica? ficou linda suas unhas.

  4. Thanks so much ladies.

    @Maria I just added the link into the post. Or you can scroll down to "Tutorials".

  5. Wow this is beautiful . I must try !

  6. Amazing! I'm going to have to try this. It's what I want my water marbling manis to always look like but with much less mess. Omnomnom!

  7. hi!! this is amazing! lol the last two pics look like amazingly awesome fruit roll-ups :)

  8. Such an awesome technique I really need to try it yours came out so pretty I love the colors especially the foil.

  9. Nice! I've got to try a dry water marble once!

  10. Wow, really love the colors and how it came out on your nails! Such a good idea, and so less mess! :)

  11. I love the dry marble since i'm too chicken to try water marble just yet. I've been doing designs on ziploc bags every since your!

  12. i love it! i tried this water marbling after seeing your tutorial the first time and was impressed how well it worked, that time was only a practice so I havent posted about it yet but will do soon :D

    shel xx

  13. wow i really like this try of dry marble, it is very interesting with the lines, idk why but it draws the eye. Good job!

  14. hey...

    i tried it but did not work out well.
    can u please share a video for this one?

  15. Thanks so much ladies. Sorry for the later comments. Another hectic week at the hospital :(

    @Irishenchantment it's good to know it worked for you.

    @Aithne thank you! I actually wore this to work for 4 days. I though my boss was going to freak out but she was okay with it, lol.

    @Nidhi, sorry it didn't work for you. I don't know how to upload videos but I may give it a shot this week.



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