Saturday, August 27, 2011

Julep Maven Introductory Box

Happy Saturday! Hope you're having a great day so far. Today I wanted to share my Julep Maven introductory box with you guys. I heard about the program from a friend and I'm a sucker for great deals so I ordered ASAP. If you haven't heard of the Julep Box by now, its an online ordering program similar to BirchBox but features monthly nail polish and nail treatments, instead of various makeup items.

The box is tailored to your specific style. You take a fun quiz and they choose polishes to fit your nail polish personality. My nail personality is American Beauty. The other personalities are: Boho Glam, Bombshell, Classic with a Twist and It-Girl. Each personality has different polishes.

The great thing about the Julep Box is that you can request a new shelf pull if you're not happy with the items selected that month or you can send your Box to a friend or even skip a month. That's pretty cool because now that I'm a nail fanatic I'm somewhat finicky about the colors I like. Next month, I'll receive Boris & Nicole which is named after a cute Hollywood couple so I'm excited about that one.

In my introductory box I got:
Alfre ($14) a purple charcoal and new release for Fall 2011
Cameron ($14) a bright pink cream
Nail Therapy with Vitamin E base coat ($16)
Facial for Hands glycolic hand scrub ($32)

Overall not bad for $19.99 a month and free shipping
. For a limited time use code smh9oxu to get $10 off your intro box! The bottles are 0.27oz (8mL) which is smaller than other polishes but I don't mind because I never finish an entire bottle anyways. Another good thing about the prescription is that you can cancel at any time if you decide you're not happy with the box but changes must be made by August 25th every month.

I'm really excited about my new goodies, especially Alfre and the glycolic hand scrub. My hands are so dry from working at the hospital and washing them all day long. I hope the scrub can help out my moisture situation.

These are just extra pics to show how it was packaged. It comes in a cute bag with a bow. My own personal gift to myself, lol. You can order your Julep Box tailored to your nail polish personality at

Thanks for stopping by! I'll post swatches soon :)


  1. I saw these on other blogger's youtube but this is the first post ive seen with all the packaging and descriptions. I love it! Thanks!

  2. I just posted about mine today too. I'm an "It Girl". Alfre looks really pretty!

  3. You're welcome Adthenshesmiled :)

    KayJay I have to go check yours out!

  4. this sounds very exciting! It is so nice to get such cute things in one box ;)

  5. Nice! I was a little skeptical about this but I'll have to give it a try, especially since it's so cheap for the intro box. :)



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