Monday, August 29, 2011

Julep Maven American Beauty Swatches - Alfre and Cameron

Happy Monday! I had a chance to swatch my new Julep Maven's over the weekend.

First up is Alfre. A smokey purple with a slight shimmer-frost. I definitely would not have chosen this one for myself but I really like it. The formula was very smooth and required 2 coats. The only thing I don't love about it is the slight lines you see in the polish. It does blend well and I was able to smooth the lines but couldn't remove them completely.

Here's a pic in direct light. It almost looks metallic here, like a frosted metal. (Please excuse my dry hands. That's what a month at the hospital did to them.)

In the shade it looks more purple.

Next up is Cameron a bright fuchsia pink. The formula was really thick on this one and it also required 2 coats. Cameron is not so unique to my stash but its still pretty and I think it just might work with Konading because of the thick formula.

Direct sunlight.

Indirect light.

I also played around a little with stamping. The formula on Alfre is thin but I wanted to see what it looked like paired up with Cameron. It's a subtle yet pretty combo.

Both polishes had great application and only required two coats. Alfre is unique to my stash and my favorite of the two although it requires some blending to minimize lines. It's definitely a stunner and a great option for the Fall. Cameron is pretty but not all that unique to my stash since I'm a pink lover. With Cameron I would suggest very thin coats to prevent thickness on the nail. Overall these polishes are sweet and a great deal for the introductory box.

The Julep Maven membership is $19.99 a month. Right now there's a $10 off coupon for the introductory box using code smh9oxu.


  1. These are pretty and Alfre is my favorite one too :)

  2. Love this! I got the same box and feel the same. I want to try them for stamping!

  3. I LOVE the purple shade!! It is gorgeous! :]

  4. Beautiful colors and stamping. Gorgeous ring too!

  5. Both volors are great!!
    I love them!!

  6. Alfre is my fave of the two and on my to get list now - such a stunning color!

  7. Alfre looks amazing on you! The brushstrokes with this color were similar to the ones I had with Sienna.

  8. Thanks ladies. Hope you all had a great day today!

    @Jacki, Cameron is so thick. I'm sure it'll stamp... or at least I hope so.

    @KayJay. I didn't notice brush strokes in Sienna. It's still gorgeous on you though.

  9. Glad to see some swatching happening now as folks are starting to get their Julep boxes. I wanted to see swatches and hear about formula before opting in.

  10. Your nails are so gorgeously perfect! Great swatches :)



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