Sunday, July 31, 2011

Nicole by OPI Fall 2011 Target Exclusives

Happy Sunday! I thought I'd play with my nails before I began studying. Today I have the OPI Target Exclusives to share with you. They really packed a lot of fun in this 4 piece set!

Sounds Grape to Me. Wine base with duochrome golden pink flecks that really pop on the nail. Sometimes I'm disappointed with polishes that look great in the bottle only, well this one didn't disappoint. The 3rd coat sealed the deal.

Green Up Your Act is a muted green creme that's very beautiful on the nail. Two coats are all that was needed.

I Love You Cherry Much has a cherry jelly base with multi-colored red flecks. It's like a party on my nails. Three coats got the party started, lol.

It's Not Me It's Blue has a blue base with silver and a hint of bronze glitter combined to create a blue-jean effect with 3 coats. I'm really diggin' this one!

Matted it just for fun.

This is a really fun set with quite a few surprises. I really like the different textured looks that the glitters and shimmers created especially Sounds Grape to Me and It's Not Me It's Blue. Application was smooth and easy and most of the colors required 3 coats. These are great additions for the upcoming Fall.

~The polishes were sent to me for review.~


  1. Oohh, I love all of these! I've never tried Nicole by OPI. But these colors look really good!

  2. Thanks ESP, they are pretty awesome!

  3. I love Green Up Your Act and Sounds Grape To Me. It's Not Me It's Blue also looks great matte!

  4. I really like the way you matted Its Not Me! Green Up Your Act is pretty as well.

  5. I love Sounds Grape to Me! The cherry one is pretty too. :)

  6. I love Sounds Grape To Me! Really that's the only one that stands out to me. Too bad there are no Target stores in my area. =T

  7. Thanks ladies :)

    @Red. That's a bummer. Maybe you can find it online.

  8. Sounds Grape tome and the cherry red. looove those!



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