Thursday, July 28, 2011

China Glaze Metallica Collection Swatches

Hello everyone! I can't believe it's almost Friday. I started a new rotation this week and I've barely had time to relax but I wanted to pop in and share the China Glaze Metallics Crackles with you. Enjoy :)

Oxidized Aqua

Platinum Pieces

Tarnished Gold

Cracked Medallion

Haute Metal

Latticed Lilac

All of the crackles were applied over dry polish, except Oxidized Aqua and you can see there's a difference in the way that it crackles (larger gaps). I actually prefer this look, so next time I'll apply them over wet polish. My only concern would be getting the base coat mixed in with the crackle, but that can be fixed by applying it over a clear top coat instead of directly over the base.

I like the idea of Metallic crackles and how they shimmer, especially when they're matt-i-fied. It seems like everyone is jumping on the crackle band wagon, even those that aren't too familiar with polish trends. My boss even asked me about crackle polish, lol. I think China Glaze did a great job putting a spin on a trend that's being over utilized. The Metallics provide an edgy look but can be softened by pairing them with your favorite pastel.

China Glaze Metallic Crackles can be found at Sally's Beauty Supply or your favorite E-tailer.

~Some of these products were provided for review~


  1. LOVE the color of the Aqua one!

  2. omg, i love all of these! especially the cracked medallion. BLACK AND GOLD :D


  3. Those are so cool!:D I want them all. My faves are Oxidized Aqua, Cracked Medallion, and Latticed Lilac. <3

    Btw follow my blog if you haven't yet and if you can my twitter too! (Viva_La_Breee)

    xoxo, Bree

  4. Deffo investing in some of these, got bored of the plain ones but these are great! Thanks for the amazing post ;P xx

  5. I have to agree,China Glaze took the crackles up a notch by doing them in metal. I love the metal look. I treated myself to all six of them!



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