Thursday, July 21, 2011

Snake Skin Mani

Snake skin is the new nail trend and while I will probably never put the real thing on my nails, I'm always down for a little stamping. Since brown doesn't allow enough contrast for my taste I thought I'd try it over pink. Not very realistic but still fashion foward and eye catching.

Products: Orly Cotton Candy, Color Club Kiss & Break Up, Konad White, BM-215.

And I leave you with a little breakfast video... and a little lunch. Todrick Hall is a former American Idol contestant. I just found out he was making a series of youtube videos. They are quite entertaining. Enjoy :)


  1. super cute, nake mani is always a winner :)

  2. I so want to try this! So pretty! And these vids...hilarious. Off to stalk his yt channel :)

  3. Cute.... lovely nails!


  4. I just love that snakeskin pattern! Great comco with the pink ;)
    Btw I tagged you with some awards :) For more info visit my blog ;)

  5. I would have sworn I commented on this--don't know where my brain is at sometimes. :) This is a very cute snake you skinned!

  6. i really like the colors you chose!

  7. Hey, I tagged you in a few awards. I don't want to link spam you though, so if you're interested there is a link to my blog on my profile.

  8. so i can't believe i haven't found your blog before now! loving it :)



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