Thursday, April 4, 2013

NOTD DRK-B Pink Dots & Hello Kitty

Hello beauties. Just a quick nail of the day. I was going to change my mani but decided to stamp over it using the DRK-B image plate. My base is Julep Teri, a dusty tangerine, that chipped after a days' work. I'm not sure if Julep doesn't play well with Orly, but I had a difficult time applying it over Orly bonder.

For the stamping polish and accent nail, I used Born Pretty's pink polish which is more of a neon fuschia when used as a polish base.

My daughter also wanted to share her mani stamped using Sylvia's Hello Kitty image plate. Sorry for the lack of clean-up but I don't apply acetone to my daughter's skin (if I can help it).  I usually just let the excess polish wash off in the shower.

That's all for tonight. Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. I like pink stamping!

    You are really protective to your daughter! She must be happy to have a mother like this =).
    Polishing daughters nails sounds like a lot of fun. I really can't wait to have children of my own =)

  2. Thank you. It is a lot of fun, especially now, because she's out of the nail biting stage, LOL.



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