Saturday, April 27, 2013

Zoya Summer 2013 Stunning Collection - Swatches and Review

Hey beauties! Today I have the Zoya Stunning Collection to share with you.  The collection consists of 6 fun-in-the-sun cremes!  Click below to read more :)

Zoya describes Josie as a grassy green creme. I like to describe it as a dusty green because the color is muted (toned down).  I like the color and formula of Josie. A plus is that it only required 2 coats. 

Dusty pink creme with a hint of hidden shimmer.  It's described as coral but it looks more pink on me.  Very pretty but the formula was thin and required 4 coats.  

A serene blue creme opaque in 2 coats. It almost reminds me of OPI "Fly" but with less green. I love this one and it may just be unique to my collection. I only used 2 coats but could have gotten away with a 3rd. 

Citrus orange creme. I really love this color and the way it looks against my skin tone. Sorry for the bad picture, I had to use my cell phone because my camera cannot pick up pinks and oranges :(
My camera couldn't accurately capture the beauty of this color. I used 3 coats to perfection.

Geranium pink creme which also has a hidden shimmer. Similar to Micky but a slightly thicker formula and only required 3 coats. 

Sunshine yellow. This color just makes me happy. I used 4 coats (like most yellows) to make it opaque. It applied easily and dried to a glossy finish.

Overall I think it's a cute collection and will be fun to wear over the Summer months.  All of the polishes applied well and dried to a glossy finish.  I love the brights from the collection: Darcy, Rocky, Josie and Thandie.  The pinks are nice also but required more coats than I prefer.

The Zoya Stunning Collection can be purchased at for $8 each.

~Product provided by Zoya for review~

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