Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pure Ice - 5 Shades of Grey, Swatches and Review

Good morning beauties! Today I have five shades of grey from Pure Ice to share with you.

Beware has a clear base loaded with micro silver glitter.  I sponged it over Eyes of Steel and then matted it to get that "industrial" look.  I love how it came out!  Beware is a must have for all glitter fanatics, as it looks great layered and alone.  

Silver Mercedes
 Silver Mercedes is a true silver chrome that went on smoothly. This is two coats without a base coat.  I was afraid it would show my nail ridges but they didn't show through. You do have to be care with the brush strokes to make them blend. I can't believe I never tried this silver before. I hear it's also great for stamping which is a plus!

Eyes of Steel
Eyes of Steel is a smokey charcoal chrome that went on well with two coats. The brush strokes are more obvious here, but it could be due to my application.  I'm not sure if it stamps well but I'm going to try it out soon.

Black base with silver shimmer throughout. Unlike some formulas, the shimmer is very obvious on the nail and softens the look of black and makes it more of a charcoal.  I used two coats here.

Lightning Strikes
Lightning Strikes is a shimmering silver crackle. I used 1 coat over Eyes of Steel.  I think it crackled well but I should have waited for my base coat to dry before applying.     

These polishes are sleek and very affordable at $2-4.  A great "steel" for the price.  The 5 shades of grey are available now at Wal-Mart or at Silver Mercedes and Beware are my favorites from the set! 

~Provided by PR for Review~


  1. They are pretty! Eyes of steel does look like it should be awesome for stamping. It might be my computer not sure I can't see your picture of swatch of Silver Mercedes it's showing an X

    1. Thanks Rhonda. Hmmm, I can see it on my computer screen but I'll check the link just to be sure.

  2. I use Silver Mercedes for stamping all the time! It's awesome.

    1. Thanks Tiffany. I can't wait to give it a go.

  3. It's fixed I can see the pic :)

  4. Wow! That is an amazing silver chrome, Silver Mercedes. Beware looks wonderful too. I'm going to look for these the next time I have to go to walmart.

  5. these are gorgeous! are they new or in a set or just regular colors i never noticed before?

    1. They are individual polishes. I believe they are all re-promotes.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.



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