Wednesday, June 20, 2012

China Glaze On Safari Collection Fall 2012 - Native Swatches and Review

Good morning beauties! Today I have part II of the On Safari Collection to share with you! You can view part I of the Collection here

Man Hunt 
A bold and bright cobalt blue creme.  I really love this color. I'm not sure if I have anything like it in my current stash.  Two Coats.

Elephant Walk
Grey creme with an invisible shimmer. This was my least favorite from the bunch. Grey just doesn't look good on me.  It will probably look awesome on other skin tones though. 

Exotic Encounters
Dusty teal creme. Very pretty and one of my favorites from this half of the collection.  I used 2 coats.

Jungle Creme
 I've seen this color so many times over the past year. Charcoal purple with a light purple shimmer. A good Paradoxal dupe if you don't have the original. Two coats.

Purr-Fect Plum
Dirty cherry berry creme. I really like this color and the formula much better than the others. I used 2 thin coats.

Prey Tell
Jelly-ish wine/burgundy creme. Pretty but it feels familiar. I used 2 coats but could have gone for a third.

China Glaze did a good job capturing the Safari feel.  Man Hunt doesn't seem to fit in the collection, but it's one of my favorites so I won't complain.  My other favorites from the Native set are Purr-Fect Plum and Exotic Encounters. Although I have more favorites in this set, I prefer the Tourist half of the collection which is more glittery and bright.  Who says a girl can't have a little glam while On Safari?

The On Safari Collection is available now at beauty Etailers, Amazon and Ebay for about $3 per bottle.


  1. Thanks for sharing.
    It's difficult to get into the right mind frame for autumn polish LOL - I (so far) only ordered Jungle Queen.
    Thanks for sharing these excellent swatches!

  2. I really love the plum color! I wish I could wear color on my nails but my job(s) don't allow me too, so my toes will have to do. I want to know how many nail polishes you own? I want a collection that big!

    1. I love that color too. I'm about to start working soon and I'm afraid to wear anything too dramatic on the nail. I'll probably start off with neutrals and cremes, then slowly sneak holographics into rotation.

      I couldn't tell you how many polishes I own. I started collecting without creating a spreadsheet. Then I had too many (to me) to start fresh and track all of them. My guess would be around 1500-1700??? I'm honestly not sure.

    2. WOW! Thats amazing! How do you store all of them? Boxes, cabinets? I know, weird questions but I'm curious lol.

    3. I have two Melmer's, a 3-tier clear plastic container, a nail polish wall rack, about 12 clear plastic bins, and two large moving boxes of polish (packed for moving). I'm not organized at all :(

      I'm gonna work on it over the next year, including getting better storage. I want to add two Melmer's and a desk-top so it should be pretty easy.

  3. They all quite nice, I love Elephant Walk

  4. I think Elephant Walk actually looked nice on you.

    1. Awww, thank you. Maybe I'll be in the mood for grey during the Fall.

  5. I always love looking at your swatches, especially since I think we have a similar skin color, so it gives me a better idea of how the polish would look on me. I was thinking that Elephant Walk looked really nice and love that subtle shimmer. Purr fect Plum and Exotic Encounters are lovely too.

  6. I might have to buy Elephant Walk solely because I love elephants. haha. Nothing from the collection really wowed me, but if I decide to buy any I think it would be Exotic Encounters or Jungle Queen. :)

    1. I love elephants too. Maybe a fun design will make me like it more.



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