Saturday, November 5, 2011

Color Club Backstage Pass Collection Fall 2011, Swatches and Review

Today I have the the Color Club Backstage Pass Collection to share with you. The collection features 6 glitters for those that like a little bang to their polish!

It's a Hit - Large lilac hex glitter in a clear base. I tried to vary the coverage to show what it would look like with more or less glitter. One coat over Pucci-licious.

Take the Stage - gold glitter with sparse gold glitter flakies. You can see the flakes mainly on the middle finger. I applied one coat over Artsy Crafty.

Fame & Fortune - Large & medium flakies in a red base. One coat over Resort to Red.

Color accurate closer view.

Backstage Pass - Purple and Silver hex glitter in a clear base. One coat over Pucci-licious.
Wish Upon A Rock-Star - Multi colored round glitter (green, blue, red, purple, gold and silver) with large lilac hex glitter that matches the glitter in It's a Hit. I dabbed one coat over Take Me to Your Chateau.

Platinum Record -small, medium and large hex glitter in a clear base. I applied one coat over black to achieve the gradient look.

These glitters are not for the tame at heart and they will garner attention wherever you go! My favorites are Platinum Record, Take the Stage and Fame & Fortune.
Wish Upon A Rock-Star reminds me of "Gems" but it doesn't have multi-colored large glitter. I used the dabbing method to apply all of the glitters because it gives you more control of where it falls on the nail. Fame & Fortune was surprisingly easy to apply. The only two I had problems with are Backstage Pass and It's a Hit but I think its due to the type of glitter used. The glitter in these two curled up and would not lay flat on the nails, so the end result was more 3D which is not my personal style. I think the other four are great and applied with minimum issues.

All Color Club products are made in the USA and are not tested on animals. Products are available at

~Sent to me for review~


  1. wow! these are pretty, great swatches

  2. Fame and Fortune is my favorite of all.

  3. WOW i LOVE fame and fourtune, i wanna get it right now!!

  4. WOW!! ♥ them almost all! Great polishes! Must be a pita to get them off, but I guess they're worth it.

    I love Platinum Record most ♥

  5. They need to be in my collection!!


  6. Beautiful!! All those colors looks so nice and bling-bling!!

    I havean award for U, check out my blog ;)

  7. your swatches are really pretty!



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