Saturday, April 16, 2011

Nails on the Go

Last night I had a chance to try out the lace nail stickers by Sally Hansen. I was headed out to a dinner party and my flat iron broke, which threw me totally off schedule. I had to resort to using my mini flat iron, which took forever, so I had to change my nail plans. I wanted to do an exotic animal print but I had to go with the Salon Effects instead. I had been saving this set for a special occasion so it all worked out.

360 - Laced Up

I'm not sure if I like them better than Konad but they were really fast. It's not perfect but it turned out pretty good considering I did them in the car. I also used the large stickers for my toes. Instant glamour!


  1. They are very elegant and the fact u did them in the car amazing! I will keep my eye open for these.

  2. You did those in the car!? Wow, holy crap I have to try them then if they are that easy! My "at the last minute" manicures always get dings and then I'm annoyed all day, so I'd love something that easy!

  3. I love it<3. I have to try out mine =)

  4. I love these! I want to buy a bunch but they are a bit too pricey for my liking.

  5. I love this mani, really elegant !! sometimes full nail decal is great lol

  6. Thanks so much ladies!!!

    @Saori. Yes they worked out well for me this time.

    @Shimmerspark I know what you mean. I can usually never get my nails just right when I'm going out. And yes, they are super easy!



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