Wednesday, April 27, 2011

China Glaze Island Escape Collection Swatches

Who's ready for an island escape? With finals right around the corner I know I am! So today I have China Glaze's Summer Collection to share. I was really excited when I first saw this collection because I'm a brights type of girl. There's nothing like a cheery polish to lighten your mood!

Papaya Punch. Whip out your shades girls because this is a bright orange creme, almost neon. Very smooth application and applied with two coats.

108 Degrees. Berry pink infused with bright pink microglitter that makes it glisten in the sun.
Senorita Bonit
a. Sweet purple shimmer with pink microglitter. This one is quite beautiful!!! Two coats.

Blue Iguana. Stunning blue with light microglitter. This one also has that glass-glistening effect. Three coats. Gorgeous!
Cha Cha Cha. Medium bright green. The golden shimmer gives it a yellow glow.

Electric Pineapple
. Yellow-green cream. Like most yellows, four coats were required.

Overall the collection captured the island feel with the bright yellow, orange and blue that are reminiscent of what you'll see on a tropical vacation. The application was smooth & easy for most of the polishes, except Electric Pineapple which gave me a little trouble. Most of the glitters needed 3 coats, but they are thin and dry quickly, so it wasn't much of an issue. Blue Iguana, Senorita Bonita & Papaya Punch are my favorites!

And here's my Island Escape mani using Electric Pineapple, Cha Cha Cha & Blue Iguana.

Stamped with Konad M29

*The above polishes were provided to me for review*


  1. Very lovely I want the purple and th papaya punch!

  2. Amazing swatches! I'm so in love with Papaya Punch!

  3. when i first saw this collection, i wasn't interested..but the more i look at everyone's swatches (especially papaya punch) i want it more and more!

  4. I love the end mani! Very pretty.

    I really like the yellows on you. They pop beautifully on your skintone.

  5. Thanks so much sweet ladies!

    @Carissakuo. I wasn't sure I would like Papaya but its one of my favorites.

    @Nail Noir. Thank you! One of my classmates said the same thing. That's probably why I like brights so much :)

  6. Loving this collection! Really think I need to get my hands on it!
    Great mani at the end too! Very tropical! I think I need a fruity drink now! haha

  7. Thanks Kayla. I could use one myself =D

  8. Your pictures are making me hungry! They look like juicey slices of delicious fruits. Yum!

  9. LOOOVE the mani! Super cute idea. 108 degrees is so pretty!

  10. Wow and love the palmtrees I want a couple of these polishes <3

  11. Thanks Diana! I miss palm trees. Unfortunately they don't grow in my area.

  12. i love your palm tree mani and your swatches are very good :)

    shel xx



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