Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Across The Universe

Long time no post! So sorry for my mini-vacation but I wasn't vacationing at all! I've been so swamped with assignments, papers, presentations and tests. So sad that I've been away so long.

Soooooo, today I thought I'd share my first Deborah Lippmann purchase. This is hands down my favorite polish from her glitter collection. It took quite a few coats to get this one opaque. Yes it's designed to be sheer but I couldn't get the glitter just right, so I applied 4 coats. Next time, I'll go for 3 coats because I prefer the glitter floating in jelly look that I achieved the first time I used it.

4 coats

3 coats


  1. I absolutely love Across the Universe it is deff the best glitter ever!!! I can never get enough of seeing pictures of it or wearing it!

  2. Oh that is niiiiiiice!! Where can you buy this polish? Damn that is so nice! haha I just love dark colors like that.

  3. WOOOOOOOOOW I just LOVE IIIT! I need to get my hands/nails on it!

  4. I am crushing so hard on this nail polish! I need it in my life!

  5. Thanks ladies!

    @Breigh. You can find it at Nordstorm's online or instore.

    @Shadow. I know you feel!!! Definitely one of my favorite glitters.

  6. This is gorgeous! It has been on my want list for a really long time, will have to suck it up and get it :)

  7. Across The Universe (and Bad Romance)were on my never-gonna-get-but-I'm-still-gonna-put-it-on-my-wishlist-list. :( The glitter in it is soo sparkley. Love it!

  8. @Viktorija. Thank you :)

    @Tamara. Do it do it!!!

  9. Love this! First time seeing this swatched. Got to have it.



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