Monday, March 21, 2011

China Glaze Knotty Nauticals

Woohoo Happy Spring! I hope the sun made it to your area. It's really beautiful here and I'm loving the weather we've had lately. It's a great day for swatches, so today I'll share the first half of China Glaze's Anchor's Away Collection, Knotty Nauticals.

Starboard. Gorgeous green creme that applied with 2 coats. The color reminds me of freshly grown grass. I'm really becoming a fan of green polishes. This is my favorite from the collection.

. Bright yellow glass speck. I think this one would look great layered over other colors to wake them up. I like to think of it as sunshine in a bottle.

Life Preserver
. Bright poppy creme that is opaque in 2 coats. I like to call this the happy color. Another favorite.

Hey Sailor
. My camera couldn't capture this beauty correctly. It wanted to make it a jelly but in reality its a vibrant red creme. Two coats.

First Mate
. Intense navy creme. I like how it's dark but still vibrant. A surprise favorite. Two coats.

. Intense pink with glass specks, my camera couldn't handle the color. Its more of a dark magenta.
A closer view of the glass specks.

China Glaze did a great job capturing the nautical theme with this line. I wouldn't have expected a pink but it was a fun turn from the usual. First Mate, Starboard and Life Preserver were the standouts. Overall the collection was well done.

And here's my nautical mani.

Thanks for stopping by!

*These polishes were provided to me for review*


  1. Love the nautical nails, they're amazing! :)

  2. I LOVE that nautical mani!! So cute!! I have First Mate on right now :)

  3. LOVE the manicure you did! Starboard looks like a lovely color, too! :)


  4. LOVE those nautical nails!! i would love to own this collection, i agree that the yellow is like sunshine in a bottle! great post :)
    love, emily @emilysnailfiles xxxxxxxxxx

  5. your nautical mani is amazing!!! it's absolutely perfect.

  6. Agreed that Nautical manicure is super fun and way cute. :)

  7. I love the jewel on the anchor, nice touch :)

  8. Your nautical mani totally bombs my take on it! :P Love ittt~

  9. Ooh just loving the nautical mani, so cute!

  10. omg, the nautical manicure is amazing and really neat!

  11. Love that manicure! I used to have a white cotton dress with a sailor collar and gold buttons down the front. This manicure would've looked amazing with it. Unfortunately the dress has been gone for many years! Blues and all the other fun colors weren't around then.

  12. AAGGHHH!!! I love the nautical nails so much!!!

  13. I have just recently got this collection, This manicure is just amazing and beautiful. One question, how did you do the anchor design? Is it a stamp image or decal, I must know! xxx



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