Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Peacock Manicure Tutorial

As promised, here's the peacock tutorial.

Products you'll need:
-image plate M70 (loopy french tip)
-4 of your favorite nail polishes or water paints
-toothpick (optional)

Let's get started: First, select your colors. I chose blue, green, purple & gold Orly polishes. Click here to see the complete list. You can use whatever colors you like! I think this mani would also look great in purple & gold with blue dots/highlights. Don't be afraid to mix it up!

Paint your basecoat and 1 coat of white or off-white polish. The white will intensify the nail color and help protect your nails from stains.

Paint 3 columns of small stripes, alternating each color.

Continue your stripes until your nail is full. You can make more or less rows depending on your taste and nail length. Don't worry about it being perfect. The stamped image and topcoat will perfect the mani for you!

Let's get to stamping!

Stamp the image from plate M70.

Keep stamping until the nail is full. If you have longer nails you may need 4-5 stamps, shorter nails 1-2 stamps. Don't worry about perfecting your stamps. It will still look great :)

Using your highlight polish/paint, draw lines in the middle of the loops/eyes. I choose Orly Glitz & Glamour and used the brush from the polish bottle. For thinner stripes, use a toothpick dipped in polish and drag it in the middle of the loop. I like this effect the best because it looks more 3-D.

Allow the polish to dry for 10 minutes, then apply your favorite topcoat and you're done!!! Here's the end result.

Ta-dah! A super easy and eye catching mani. This is great if you're not a perfect polisher or stamper. The loopy lines are imperfect so mistakes are not very noticeable. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Click here to see the completed mani.


  1. Thank you for the tutorial!
    I'll try to do it (^_^)

  2. Really gorgeous! It doesn't seem very difficult to do but the result is amazing...

  3. Looks awesome! great tut, thanks for sharing.

  4. @Becky & Tara. You're welcome. Becky let me know once your done. I'd like to see your results!

    @Angeles. Yes it is very easy and dramatic!

  5. Such a great idea! I wish I had that plate, maybe I can figure out an alternative with what I have. (:
    Great job!

  6. great tutorial thnx so much for sharing!

  7. awesome tutorial! the peacock mani is SO cute!

  8. Thanks so much ladies =D

    @Lacquer Smack, maybe M62, M68 or M80 will work?

  9. Super Duper Pooper! :p Okay I only said that cause it rhymes, but I really like the design. That gold makes the black stamp pop. O_O

  10. This is SO COOL. Might have to try a freehand version!

  11. great concept! thanks for this.. I really like it!♥

  12. Wow, great tutorial. I thought it was more difficult, but apparently not. I'm going to try this!

  13. This is really cute :-) Thanks for the tutorial!

  14. Thanks for the tutorial! ^^

  15. Awww, this is really pretty...the step by step tutorial helps alot because I wouldn't know where to start. :)



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