Friday, December 31, 2010

Top 10 Polishes for 2010

Hello Dear Readers,

Here are a few of my top picks for the year. With so many to choose from it was difficult narrowing it down to only a few. Since today is the last day of 2010, I want to thank you for contributing and being a part of this blog. I've had a great year interacting and learning from you. May your New Year be great! Have a safe and fun night!



Party Hearty! It was actually a tie between this one and GEMs. Both are great glitters but I liked this picture better (ha ha)

. Amazing teal-green. Excuse my VNL, this was before I knew what VNL was ;)

Okay, okay. This is not a polish but I just had to sneak it in here. Yall know I love foils! Here's one of my favorites :)

Space Cadet
. Need I say more :)

Prancer. One of my best finds for $1.99. WnW please make more of these great glitters!

Elle's Spell. My answer to Bad Fairy. Its everything I wanted Bad Fairy to be. Not that I expected it to be a flakie, but I wanted it to make my nails glow a golden red, like they were on fire.

See what I mean?

You can also layer it over other colors for more amazing flaki-ness.

Laser. One of the most amazing blues. See it glows!

Hidden Treasures
. The polish that actually was hidden for many, unfortunately. It flashes pink over Laser. Can you say drop dead gorgeous!

Revvvolution. I like to call this one corporate chic. It reminds me of wool trousers I'd wear to work. Very professional with but with an edge.

Holographic. Last but definitely not least. One of the most beautiful polishes I own. (I usually don't do the dainty hand pose because my hands aren't dainty, but this one turned out okay, lol.)

Thanks so much for stopping by! Talk to you next year ;)


  1. Ooo that GOSH Holograpic is awesome! :)

  2. Laser looks great on you. Have a happy and safe new year!

  3. Great choices! I LOVE that foil manicure. I also love Elle's Spell over the purple so pretty!

  4. i love the colors especially the first one!

  5. Nice picks! I really like Party Hearty over the pink polish--it's an unexpected combo since I always see PH over red or green.

    Wish I could have gotten my hands on Prancer because it's gorgeous.

    Happy New Year to you to!! :)

  6. Fabulous choices...that foil is just unreal! Wishing you a prosperous and lacquer filled New Year! :)

  7. Great top 10! Hope you had a wonderful New Year! Best wishes =D

  8. These are all great choices! I'll have to try HT over Laser, it's gorgeous!

  9. Great choices!
    I have a question, what exactly is VNL...?

  10. i'm still sitting on the fence about party hearty!!! ahh. I have a problem with top coats..I love them to death. HT, prancer, china glaze fairy dust..but then I don't use them i can't decide if I really want to get party hearty or I will never use it... but I do love it in your photo

  11. Nice picks! I also picked Party Hearty, Prancer, Revvvolution and If my Gosh Holographic would have got here before the year was over It would be on my list too. I love the folis im giving them a try this year!

  12. Hi there, just letting you know that I've tagged you on my blog! Check it out :)

  13. Love the Zoya Green and the silver

    Check out my blog and follow me at

  14. I love them all!
    I've some new polishes see my blog:

  15. thanks so much ladies. sorry for the late reply, my internet is out right now while i change ISP's :(

    @Shadow. i hope you enjoy the foils. they're a little tricky at first, but they get easier with practice.

    @Shortwidenails. i guess Party Hearty is more of a Holiday color, but it looks like cupcakes overr pink, so i think it would be a great Party color as well

    @Chelle. i did. i hope you did as well!

    @Tamara. sorry you missed out on Prancer. DiamondCosmetics has a dupe for $2.50 i think. the name escapes me right now but i'll email you when it comes to me.

    @StarDustStephanie. the purple takes it to another level, lol. so gorgeous.

    Hope you ladies are having a great week!!!

  16. OMG I love the first one! (pink)!! Sooo pretty.. What top coat do you use?

  17. thanks so much IOWN i used Poshe :)

    it's my go to topcoat now that it's so easy to find.

  18. Holographic is pretty but I LOVE Revvvolution on you! I think your nails look nice and dainty. :-)



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