Sunday, December 19, 2010

Holiday Manicure Ideas - 8

Cover me, I'm going in! Ooooo weee, I haven't been to the mall since June of this year. I'm much more of an online shopping type of girl, but when I heard that HotTopic has a possible dupe for Lippmann Bad Romance I volunteered to pick up a gift card for dh. I'll let you know what I find when I return.

Today I have a fun Christmas mani made using Cina nails stickers from Sally's. I picked them up last year on clearance for 99 cents. I started by making stripes using Essence VIP Appeal (pink) and Check Me Out (green), then placed stickers and that's it! For the stripes I used Chloe's tape method. If you haven't heard of her, check her out, her blog is wonderful!

Just for fun I added Hello Kitty. Speaking of Hello Kitty, did any of you get the new Sephora polishes? I snatched a few and will post pics when they arrive!

That's it for today. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Oh my gosh. That is about the cutest thing I have ever seen. Love it. And I am so stealing this idea. :D

  2. aaahhh hello kitty santa rocks! :D

  3. I have not had time to comment on anyone's blog in a long time but holy shit girl. LOL. This is great. Had to stop by and say how much I love it.

  4. cute manicures. maybe some day you can make some tutorials for us to know how you do that *

  5. WOW, The pink and green look great together! So you used scotch tape? I assume you had to use a fast drying TC before you put the tape on? Yes I got two of the HK polishes I can't wait!

  6. that is such a lovely manicure!

  7. Adorable! Reminds me of candy. :)

  8. these are soooo adorable!!! and LOVE the hello kitty :D

  9. Thanks so much for your sweet comments. I hope everyone is having a great Holiday season!!!

    @Susie. There's so much going on with the Holidays. I'm behind as well. Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by.

    @Ana Luísa Santos. I do hope to make tutorials one day.

    @Karen. It reminds me of candy too. I forgot to add they are supposed to be candy cane nails. I was too busy rushing out to the mall.

    @Freshie. Weeee, I'm so happy I got in on the deal. I was only "slightly" disappointed I missed out on free 2-day shipping. But I got a free tote out of the deal so I won't complain ;)

    @Shirley's Nail Art. Thank you (blush)

    @Amanda. I'm a Hello Kitty stan, so I had to include her.

  10. Wow, Your hand's look like a maniquins!
    Sorry, hadddd to say it x3
    The nail design is adorable!
    So Christmasy :D

  11. OMG!!! love it love it love it!! especially the hello kitty! I absolutely love hello kitty!

  12. I think I'm going to have to try the "tape" method. These nails turned out great! Love the alternating colors!

  13. @Freshie. wooops, i forgot to mention that i used CND Air Dry between the stripes. i believe Chloe uses SV.

    @AnnKiins. thank you. it's the power of photoshop, lol.

    @Shadow. i'm a HK fan also :)

    @PHD. you're so creative. i'd like to see what you can do with tape :)

  14. this is really cute.. merry Christmas & happy new to u & to ur family!! xoxo

  15. once again flashy color but fun & pretty nail art :)

  16. awww super cute!! I love Hello Kitty with santa's hat!

  17. thanks so much ladies =)

    @Thriszha. Merry Christmas to you and Cheska!!!



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