Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sephora Hello Kitty Swatches

Hello Dear Readers! I'm busy working on Christmas cookies but I wanted to post a few swatches of the Hello Kitty polishes.

All images are click-able.
Pink Sprinkles, Purple Sprinkles, Blueberry

Hottie, Purple Sprinkles, Overdose

L'Esprit, Blueberry, Lapis of Luxury

Purple Sprinkles over: Pink, White (clear), Purple, Black, Blueberry. Blueberry alone, Lapis of Luxury.

With Flash, same colors: WnW Flirty Rose, WnW White, Pucci-licious, Black, Blueberry. Blueberry, Lapis of Luxury.


The bottles are adorable and made of heavy glass. I couldn't find the weight marked on the bottle, but I guess around 10mL? Unfortunately I was disappointed in Pink Sprinkles but Purple Sprinkles is okay because it's unique to my stash. I like it best over white, pink and black. It's very thick and dries quickly. Blueberry went on with one thick coat compared to Lapis of Luxury which required three coats to become opaque.

I'll have more swatches soon. Have a great Holiday!


  1. Ooh I'm definitely considering Purple Sprinkles now! :) Thanks so much for posting this and lucky you! You got them early :P

  2. Those bottles are super super cute! :) I would love to have one just because of the bottle. xD Merry Christmas! :*

  3. @necessarynails. i like purple sprinkles more than pink because the pink is similar to the Confetti glitter.

    @Ivana. they are too cute. i almost didn't want to open them.

  4. how cute! must be getting these soon!!~ :)

    Happy Holidays~

  5. Wow! Cute bottles! I like blueberry and purple sprinkles, and the stickers too! =)

  6. I think, that Purple Sprinkles has particles like China Glaze Sour Apple but in different base :-)

  7. The bottles are super cuuuute!!! <3

    Felice Natale!

  8. They're amazing!!
    Love them!
    Happy holidays!

  9. Ohhh, how lovely! I agree, I really like the purple glitter! The blue color is also very pretty.

  10. I really wanted the Sprinkles, pink the most but it sounds like it wasn't that great. They made it look more like a cream with hex glitter, not as clear as it looks here. I got Minty and Bubble Gum!

  11. Too cute!
    The bottles are absolutely adorable! (Same to the stickers)
    Purple Sprinkles <3

  12. I love those stickers.... I love hello Kitty... can u tell me where I can find them please?



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