Sunday, August 15, 2010

PHD Tips Challenge

Who says short nails can't have any fun? Check out my funky french on my new shorties. They were created for PHD's nail "tips" challenge. If you haven't already check out the other hot designs here.

As you can see I barely have any nails tips. But with tape and foil I was able to create some =)

Of course I still love long nails. Here's a throwback from July using the same foil (Roman Marble from Dollar Nail Art).
That's all I for today! Have a great Monday and thanks for stopping by!!!


  1. ooh this was my favorite 'tip' in the phd challenge.. it's really elegant! I might have to copy it.. i mean be inspired by it.. so

  2. Thanks ladies :)

    Pretty you're funny, lol.

  3. Hi! New follower here! :) Love the mani! ^_^

  4. Thanks Jennifae. I may have to change it tomorrow.

  5. These are tremendously gorgeous!! I love them!

    Thanks for your kind comment :) I agree with you - It can be weird being in your mid-twenties because you kind of feel like you're in between everything - but other times, it can be fun :)

  6. Personally I prefer short nails because they're cute and easier to maintain, but have long nails some times as well. Those are really pretty btw!

  7. Thanks Ladies.

    Brooke your welcome :)

    Christine. I'm still adjusting to my new length. I actually broke another nail last week......... I do miss my long nails though :(



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