Sunday, January 7, 2018

Maybelline Total Temptation Palette I Shadow and Highlight Palette

My first beauty purchase of 2018 is the new Maybelline Total Temptation Palette.
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 I ran across this beauty during a drugstore run for tomato soup to help ward off a cold.  The palette retails for about $11 at the drugstore and has 8 shadows and 2 highlighters.  

What caught my eye is the cool wave pattern, which I've seen in similar higher end brands.  Upon closer inspection, I noticed how pretty the colors were.  A few of the shadows glistened under the store's fluorescent light.   I like that there's a warm and cool side, a little something for everyone.  

Warm Side
The light peach looks best on my skin tone and the brown is hardly noticeable.

Cool Side
The mid light purple is pretty but it fades against my eyelids.  I had to apply it several times to get the color to appear.  

Daytime look using the cool side. 

Night time look using the cool side. 

I really like the design of the palette and the fact that you can create a cool vs warm look.  Of course you can dibble and dabble on both sides to create your special design.  As far as performance and quality of the shadows, they are drugstore standard.  The shadows blend easily but most of them are sheer.  I used both sides and had to pile on the colors to get them to show.  The dark colors in the palette (grey and brown) are sheer as well and are barely noticeable on my skin tone, unless I applied several layers.  The glitters are lightly pigmented and translate to a silvery white against my skin, but on a positive note, they do last all day. I used the highlighters for the inner eye and they were okay.  I used the pink/pearl highlighter again today and there's little color payoff unless I'm heavy handed.  All of that being said, I was able to create a pretty look using this palette alone, I just had to put in a little more work than usual.  

I purchased my palette from the local drugstore but it's also available online from other vendors that carry Maybelline. 

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