Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Too Faced Chocolate Gold Eyeshadow Palette - Swatches and Review

The Chocolate Gold eyeshadow palette is the latest from Too Faced's plethora of fall releases.  The layer of melted gold embedded on top of the chocolate bar immediately caught my attention and drew me in.  

The palette has the typical chocolate bar semi-random format of 16 shadows (2 extra large).   There's real gold inside, where and what colors, I'm not sure.  

At first glance the theme of the palette seems colorful, but when you subtract the bright purple and green everything else is pretty neutral.  Here's swatches of the first half of the palette.  Chocolate Gold, the large transition shade, is a little too bright for my taste but would probably add to a dramatic holiday look.  I'm loving the fifth color here, Old Money, a golden bronze.  New Money, the bright purple, is gorgeous and would be a fun summer shade to sport.  All of the colors swatched here are shimmers. 

With the second half of the swatches, you can really see how neutral the palette is.  This is a combo of shimmer and mattes.  I'm loving the look of Famous (warm gold) and Classy&Sassy (rose gold).  Rollin' in Dough is a little too light for me to use as a transition shade but so So Boujee is perfect. 

After the disappointment of the White Chocolate Bar, I didn't have high expectations of this palette, but I was pleasantly surprised.  So far I have used 6 shades and they applied and blended beautifully. Matte lovers may not be drawn to the palette since it's mostly shimmers.  I usually were mattes, but the pop of brights and the shiny gold drizzle drew me in.  

The Chocolate Gold palette is available for $49 at and other retailers that carry the brand. 

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