Saturday, March 8, 2014

OPI Glitter Off Natural Nail Peel Off (Peelable) Base Coat Review

Hey guys I have another post for you today featuring the new OPI Glitter Off natural nail base coat. I'm not sure if the ingredients are composed of glue but it applied similar to the Elmer's Glue base coat.  The formula is a medium consistency and applied well. It dried to a matte finish and I did not notice my nail ridges after the base coat dried.  It took approximately 6 minutes to dry. I only used 1 coat. 

I used a heavy glitter bomb, Shimmer Polish in the color Tammy,  to test this base coat and removed after 2 days. The polish came off in shreds. The tool I used for removal is a metal cuticle pusher from Sally's. 

 There doesn't appear to be any damage to my nail after removal but the process was uncomfortable. I think next time I will use a plastic spoon or another object which is more gentle. I just fear damage with continued use of the metal cuticle pusher.

My first impression of this product is good.  It does what it says and allows you the capability to peel off the polish. I would have used my nails but I didn't want to damage them.  I'm not sure if the base is glue but it reminds me of the DIY glue bases made using Elmer's and other non-toxic glues. If you are a do-it-yourself-er or would rather save $9 bucks you can make a similar product at home. But if you are short on time and would prefer the convenience of a ready made product here is your solution!

  Remember this is for natural nails. I'm not sure how this product will perform on gels but I may try it out soon. 

The OPI Glitter Off Natural Nail Base is available now at retailers that carry OPI. 

~Provided by PR for an honest review~


  1. I've tried the glue base coat - and although it works - it really dries my nails out. Did you notice this product having a drying effect on your nails?

    1. Hi Melissa. It didn't dry out my nails but I did get slight damage on my middle nail from removing it with a metal tool. I didn't notice dryness though.



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