Friday, July 26, 2013

China Glaze On The Horizon Feather Collection Fall 2013 - Swatches and Review

Hey lovelies! Today I have swatches of the new China Glaze On The Horizon Collection to share with you. I thought these would be really cute for the Fall so I scooped them up. There are 6 feathers (mini bar glitters) in the collection of various colors. Most of them have Fall inspiration with hints of orange and black and would be great for the Halloween season.

I swatched them over black and white. My first 2 nails have a black base, and my last 2 have a white base.

Flying South - Orange and soft white bar glitter with tiny shiny orange micro glitter. Two thick coats. 

Flock Together - Baby blue, black and a hint of lime green bar glitter. Two coats. 

Party Fowl -  Baby blue, orange and black mini bar glitter. I just love the color combination, which looks great over white and black. I used 2 thick coats. 

Light As A Feather - Off white, orange and black bar glitter. I really like how this one pops over black but I had to use more coats. The formula appeared to be thinner than the others. I used 3 coats to complete the look.

All A Flutter - Baby blue, orange and white bar glitter. So pretty, my favorite of the collection. I used 2 coats here.

You're a Hoot - Lime/yellow, orange and black bar glitter 2 coater. 

Swatches over nail wheels and different colors.

Black Base

White Base

Various Colors

Application was easy but can be a bit tricky. You have to let the first layer of feathers dry before applying the second layer, or the polish will just run down the sides of your nail. I think they made the formula on the thinner side to allow it to thicken over time. My second time using the polish seemed a lot easier than the first. Light As A Feather was my thinnest bottle and I had to apply 3 coats.

I like the color choices China Glaze made for the feathers but I wish there was a little more variety. You're A Hoot, Light As A Feather and Flying South are all very similar. You're a hoot has more lime-yellow bar glitter versus Light As A Feather's white but they are all in the same family.  My favorite of the 3 are Light as a Feather. It just looks amazing over black. My other favorites are Party Fowl and All A Flutter. I'm just a sucker for pastels, even in the Fall.  Light As A Feather looks amazing over brown, I guess the great thing about the feathers is that you can create a different look by changing the base color. Overall I think these are fun for instant nail art. From a distance it's hard to tell exactly what's happening on your nails, you just know it's something interesting.

The On The Horizon Collection will officially release in August 2013. I purchased my set from Ebay. 


  1. I love this collection!! I have a feeling I wii be buying the whole thing :)

    1. I love certain combinations, I wish there was a little more variety.

  2. I really like Party Fowl on the White as well! I will have to keep my eyes open for these ones. I really like the effect! Thanks very much for the swatches. I always appreciate the time and effort it takes to do these. Cheers!

  3. not sure what to think of these, i am just not a fan of bar glitter but I do love the colour combinations of flying south and all a flutter

    1. They're definitely not for everyone. I did 2 layers on the nail to show what they look like, but I prefer the milder version of 1 coat like on the nail wheel.

  4. I feel like China Glaze is too late with this trend. There's been so many dupes since Nails Inc came out with 'Feathers' that I would think they may have a hard time selling these. I'm not trying to put CG down, but as a popular brand, they should be on the up & up with new trends. So now while other companies will be exploring new trends for the Fall, China Glaze will be introducing a trend from 6 months ago. It's just not good business, or what I would expect from CG.

    I do like the feathery/fuzzy look. I prefer it over white. When I think of a feather, I think of soft, and black just seems to harsh for it. But, that's what's great about polishes like this. It leaves a lot of room for artistic expression :)

    1. I know what you mean about trends, but what's also interesting is what's old to the nail connoisseur is new to the layman. I was in TJMaxx the other day and people were in awe of the nail caviar and flocking sets. I must admit I picked up a couple too, LOL.

  5. Found your blog from the OPI site.I saw these at Sally's over the weekend and wondered what they looked like on nails. Nice to see colors on you as I have similar skin color.
    Great pictures and reviews. Keep up the good work.

  6. Found your site from OPI blogger network! I actually saw these China Glaze colors in Sally's over the weekend and wondered what they looked like on nails.
    Very nice blog!

  7. Lovely swatches, love how these look over white! :)



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