Sunday, May 5, 2013

Shimmer Polish Swatches and Review

 Happy Sunday! I hope you're having a great day today.  I'm just happy to have a day off work where I can relax at home and let my brain rest. Today I have a few Shimmer polishes to share with you. Shimmer polish creates glitters named after her friends and family and uses many types of pigments and glitters to create her own special polishes. I was contaced by the owner of Shimmer and I am very excited to share a few of her collection with you.

Burganday base with a hint of silver. Eva is definitely a diva! I layered 2 thin coats over black.  I like the formula on Eva because it was easy to work with, layed flat, and didn't clump as I was applying the polish.  

Pink opal glitter. I love these irridescant glitters because they make every color look amazing, especially neutrals. I layered 1 coat over Don't Pretzel My Buttons. It creates a conservative-on-edge look. Love it!

Green, pink and a hint of silver glitter. I wanted to highlight the green so I paired it with L'OREAL Creme de Mint.  I used 1 coat of Katie

Here's a quick swatch of Creme de Mint. I went back and purchased it after I the first set. If you missed my Miss Gellie swatches you can find them here

I put 1 coat of Creme de Mint over Katie to create a layered look. 
Blue and purple mixed glitter. I layered 1 coat of Kim over Brisk Blue. It created a subtle sea effect. 

Tropical green and blue with hints of purple glitter. I wanted to pair this with something unsual so I choose Bananarama Love. The combination really makes the glitter pop! I used 1 coat of Sarah. 

I layered 1 coat of yellow over the glitter to create a jelly sandwich. 

Dusty rose pink and grey. Vivian has a thick formula and I only needed 1 coat to create this galaxy look. I really love it with the purple base.  

A quick swatch of L'OREAL Berry Nice. This color is amazing, so glad I went back to pick her up. 

I put 1 layer of Berry Nice over Vivian which created an awesome effect. 

I used 1 coat of glitter for all of the polishes except Eva which I wanted to rev up a little, so I added the additional coat. I like that you don't have to apply several layers of Shimmer polishes to create a stunning look. They all applied easily. Vivian had the thickest formula so I had to pat it on in some places. It's also the most beautiful because it covers the complete nail. My favorite from the 6 are Vivian and Eva.

Shimmer polishes can be purchased for $12 a bottle via Etsy or Paypal by contacting her directly.  She also creates custom blends for $15. You can also find her on Facebook or her website Shimmer Polish.



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