Monday, May 28, 2012

My First Blog Sale

I'm moving so I must downsize my collection.  Bad for me but good for you!  Please read the details about each item before inquiring.  This blog sale is for US residents only. 

All items were purchased by me :)

A Few Details About the Items for Sale
1. A couple of the OPI's have the serial number scratched out. This is done by Transdesign or Target. If you don't like scratches on your bottles, please inquire before purchasing. 
2. Some of the Julep labels I moved from the bottle cap to the sides of the bottle or vice versa. They used to cover their bottle caps with labels before transitioning to stickers on the bottom.
3. Most items that indicate swatches, have been swatched on 4 fingers only and have 90-95% left in the bottle. 
4. For the new Konad image plates, I have the new and old packaging (light and dark pink). Some of the used Konad image plates have polish stains on the backing. I have taken pictures to show the back of them.
5. I will respond to your emails promptly. Please email inquires to girlluvbaby(at]yahoo(dotcom).

All sales are final. I will not accept returns and I am not responsible for lost or stolen packages. If you are concerned about tracking, you can purchase a tracking confirmation for your package for $1. I will wrap the polishes well so they do not break but you can always purchase insurance. 

Shipping and Payment Details
- Polish or Large image plates: $2.50 for the first item, 50 cents for each additional item.
- Small image plates: $1 for the first item, 50 cents for each additional image plate.
- Combination orders will default to $2.50 for the first item, 50 cents for each additional.
- Flat rate priority boxes can be requested for multiple items for $6. 
- I accept PayPal only and payment must be sent as a gift
- I am not responsible for lost or stolen packages. I will mail your items wrapped securely, however, if you are concerned about shipping you can purchase optional insurance for $2. 

I hope I didn't make this too difficult. I like providing as much information as possible (sorry so lengthy).  Now on to the goodies!

All brand new $4 each
Orange it's obvious, Tour de France, Navigate her, Ole caliente 

All swatched 1x $5 each (except Shine of the Time - 1x)
A cut above, Set in stones, Shine of the times

All swatched 1x - $4 each
Luxe and Lush, Riveting, Electrify

All brand new $3 each (except Champagne Bubble $2 - swatched 1x)
VII, For Audrey,  Phat Santa, Champagne Bubbles

All brand new $2 each
Original orange, Still life is good, Curator's coral

All brand new $2 each
Easel-y entertained, Mixed media maroon, Strike a pose rose, Magenta mood

All swatched 1x, $3 each
509 HD silver, 513 digital pink, 512 Cyberspace blue, 510 3D gold, 511 Hi-tech green

All brand new $3 each
Cocoa a go-go, Blue lace, Show you care,  No limits

The right thing $1.50 - 1x
Deeply in love $1.50 - 1x
Berry Sweet $1 - 80%  left, used for a franken

Stellar Notte $2 BN, Catch the Bouqet 1x $2, Perplex BN $2, Tango BN $1

Konad Image Plates BN - $3.50 each
Top - M78, M72, M39
Bottom -  M81 (pending) ,M48, M3

A01 - $2

Faux Konads with no paper backing $1.50 each 
Top - M69 dupe, M51 dupe, M74
Bottom - M70, M77, M81

I have gone through about half of my stash and will probably post more later. I'm still trying to tear myself away from my HTF's, LOL. Thanks for looking! 

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