Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

I hope all of the Mom's had a wonderful day! The weather was perfect here and I had a chance to enjoy the sunshine with my girls.  

Today's nails where inspired by a design I saw in Konad's style book using image plate M35.  I wasn't sure how to style my nails today but I wanted to participate in the Nail Challenge this week.  The theme was image plates ending in the number 5. I was uninspired so I turned to Konad's playbook for a few style ideas. I came across this flower mani which I love.  

The base is China Glaze Refresh-Mint stamped with a green Franken and Konad pink. I can't remember if it's the pearlized pink or not. I have two Konad pinks and the lighter version doesn't stamp well at all.  This version is pretty good over lighter colors. 

My camera couldn't capture the mint in Refresh-Mint but there's a lot of green going on in this mani balanced by the splashes of pink flowers.  It's a cute and easy combo for the Spring.

Until next time. Happy Polishing!   


  1. at first glance, I thought you used a white polish base. :) love the color combo! my favorite 2 colors! :D

    1. Thanks Nikki. It was hard to get a good picture for whatever reason.

  2. very pretty, kind of reminds me of hawaii

  3. I always love these colors together! It just seems natural some how.

  4. Gorgeous mani!! I wish I could do this design by hand (without the stamping plate)... so fantastic!

  5. Very very pretty! Love the softness to it :)

  6. Love the combo of dots and flowers!

  7. Oh my! One of my faves! It's sooo cute <3

  8. Super new to this whole nail stamping deal. Wish you'd consider doing a tutorial for this nail :) love love love it!!!



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