Wednesday, October 12, 2011

NOTW: Nails of The Week

Quick spam to share my nails so far this week!

Color Club - Wild At Heart. A long time lemming I got recently. Gorgeous color but I was slightly disappointed with the holo effect. I'm not sure if this is a dud or not???

OPI Silver Shatter over Zoya Sweet.

Revlon - Carbonite. I drove so far out of the way to find this one and then I saw it yesterday at Big Lots for $1.50, lol. I'm not sure how I feel about Carbonite. It's kind of dull in my honest opinion.

That's all for tonight. I hope you enjoyed my mini spam :)


  1. my wild at heart polish is also not as holo as the other swatches that I saw before :( even my revvvolution >.< im disappointed!

  2. I thought carbonite was a little dull too

  3. @ABBY I was reading on MUA there were a few duds out there:(

    @Leanne It's surprising because I usually love silver polishes.

  4. You don't like Carbonite? Ahh, I love it! I also really want that Color Club, and I love the look of the Zoya!

  5. My Wild at heart isn't too holo either, I don't think it's a dud. Love it anyway <3

  6. Wild at heart!!! *drool* The zoya with silver shatter!!! perfect!


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  8. That Color Club is awesome!

  9. The first color is so beautiful!!



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