Saturday, October 22, 2011

Halloween Mani 6 - Fabulous Nail Stickers

I was trying to think of a mani for today when I came across these nail stickers. I purchased them a couple of weeks ago from Fabulous Nails when they had a coupon running. They're similar to Salon Effects but more difficult to apply.

Sorry for the
subpar results. I think I'm pretty good at applying nails stickers but I couldn't get these on quite right. You're supposed to blow dry them first to soften the adhesive and then apply. I was rushing so maybe I should try them again when I'm not in a hurry. They have a similar thickness to minx stickers and they're supposed last to at least a week.

Here's an example of what the sticker sheet looks like. They're
suppppppper long and enough for 2-3 applications if you have short nails. The biggest one is large enough to put on your toe.

These stickers are so cute. I'm a little sad about the way they came out but I'll try them again before Halloween is over.

Thanks for stopping by. Peace, love and nail polish!


  1. OMG!!!! These are the cutest things!!!!!!


  2. OMG! These are so freaking cute! I want them!

  3. Thanks guys I wasn't too crazy about the results.

  4. Those are sooo cute... Right in time for Halloween.

  5. Love that mani! super cute! ^^ <3

  6. They are super cute!! A water decal with just spider would be great (I'm not a big fan of peachy oranges)!

  7. They look so pretty, love them!

  8. They are sooo cute! Too bad about the application.

  9. I had almost no success with these at all =( And I got a bunch of sets around halloween >.< Have you found a way to make them work?

  10. @Bhevarri they were challenging to put on. I had to warm them up first. I think they'll apply better during the Summer months when they can loose some stiffness.



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